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Accessory Advice for Texas Method as Powerbuilding Routine?

Hi, I’m in the market for a new workout program and I’m interested in running Texas Method (https://www.t-nation.com/training/texas-method) with some modifications for it to work as a powerbuilding routine. I’m interested in Texas method because I’m maxed out on linear progress (running nSuns) and looking for a 3 day intermediate program that I can run longterm and still make gains. I definitely want to add some aesthetic accessories, and I’m going to be clean bulking instead of drinking gallons of milk like Mark recommends lol, but with the right additions I feel like this program might work really well for me.

The main change I’m thinking of making is adding bent over rows 3-5x10 3 times a week with alternating grips (like overhand, underhand, and maybe pendlay). Several of my favorite lifters swear by frequent back training, and this also matches my aesthetic goals. Bent over row also works lower back, so I’m wondering if doing rows can replace the 5x10 hyperextensions on Wednesday, or if this will end up hurting my squat / deadlift gains.

Any thoughts?

Pick a different program.
531 is way better, and offers multiple options to meet your needs and goals.
Spend the time learning how to use it. It works well for all levels of lifters.
There are many good power building programs.
The Texas method in my opinion is a beginner program, that once you max out on offers limited options.
Good luck

Which specific 531 program do you recommend? There are hundreds of them lol.

The program I’ve been running (nSuns) is a 531 based thing. The reason I want to switch is that the amount of volume it places on the lower body stuff is starting to feel unsustainable at heavy weight. Deadlift day for nSuns has me doing a bunch of super heavy reps and it’s really wiping me out.

Texas method is also definitely not a beginner program from what I’ve read. It’s written for people who have maxed out the potential of linear strength gains. It’s also meant to follow up Starting Strength and there’s no reason a beginner would do Texas Method instead (the article literally says don’t do this if you’re a beginner, do starting strength).

That said, there might be better intermediate programs and I’d love to hear about specific programs if you have one that you recommend.

Don’t do it. 5x5@90% on two exercises is very, very, very taxing.

If you want to add accessories and like this layout, look at madcow

5 progression with FSL is pretty sustainable.
Start light and deload as recommendation or as needed.
The nice part of 531 is the ability to match programming to your training need.
It’s a little work to learn the concept ( not a lot or hard) but then the options are are pretty limitless.

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Search beyond 531. Do parts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 back to back unchanged. You will grow. It is long term.

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The Texas Method works extraordinarily well IF you’re very committed and take your diet/recovery very seriously (which he flat out states). It can be a great option, but you need to have your form down on squats, and while you don’t need to drink a gallon of milk (pretty certain Rippetoe only recommends that for severely underweight male novices), you may have trouble if you insist on eating very clean unless you’re able to put down lots of clean food every day. If you have all that on point, do it. I love 531, and it’s what I run now, but you seem to be at the right point to start TM, and it will give you awesome results if you can handle it.

Don’t do it. 5x5@90% on two exercises is very, very, very taxing.

If you want to add accessories and like this layout, look at madcow

Definitely can’t be more challenging than what nSuns has me doing right now. Volume on deadlifts is getting insane. The program has me doing over 30 reps of deadlifts at 70% training max as an accessory after the main squat program. That’s a bunch of heavy deadlifts after maxing out on squats. Shit makes doing a heavy 1x5 after squatting sound easy lol.

Probably gonna get punished in the comments for saying so, but Texas method seems like it’ll be a breeze in comparison, at least until I get my maxes higher.

Might forgo any accessories other than a little bit of arms on the first day though, and just add the rows on the other days.

Still interested in the hyperextension vs row question for accessories. Any thoughts on that?

531 is very customizable. I, too, don’t want the heavy volume on lower body lifts so I tend to do 5x5 or even 5x2-3 for deadlifts, and for squats I either turn down the weights or the volume (and often do zerchers instead of back squats).

It looks like Ripplestiltskin put the hypers or glute/hams into the program to keep the hamstrings and glutes tuned up.

Rows are cool, but they’re more for your back. If you want to do some rows just add them, I wouldn’t take the glute and hamstring work out.

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Haha report back to us 8 weeks in :slight_smile:

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