Accessories for SSL with Boring But Strong

I am thinking of giving “SSL with Boring But Strong” template a chance. As I understand assistance should be superset with push movements.

How would you structure it, keeping in mind, that there are 8-10 sets of push movement every workout?

I was thinking of 5 sets of (curls or chin-ups or pull-ups or face pulls) and then 3-5 sets of core excercise.

I wouldnt be able to superset shit with SSL weights. In fact, i was sucking air with BBB weights when i supersetted anything with sets of 10 of bent over rows, for example.

Anyways, it doesnt matter if you superset or dont.
The idea is that you just do some sort of vertical or horizontal pull, or like bent over laterals or face pulls or band pullaparts or whatever the fuck.

If you wanted to include some kind of rows, chest supported DB rows done on an inclined bench are great. Especially if you can’t really do pullups/chins for high reps. Could split it up so its a few sets of rows, few sets of curls, and the last few sets could be core/single leg work.

Whatever you choose, make sure to start light or with lower reps and build as you go. Supersetting is fine, but not at the expense of the quality of the main or supplementary work. If you are doing SSL this will likely be even more important.