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Access to Your Private Forum?


Hi Jim,

Any idea on how to get an access to your forum if i don’t have a paypall account and a credit card ?
Is there any other way to make a payment ? I think that many people from Europe would be interested in joing your forum
Thanks in advance for your answer


Why don’t you just set up a paypal account? It’s simple, doesn’t take long to do and you don’t need a credit card.


I have a Paypal account but to sign up to JM forum you need a CC attached to Paypal to make the monthly payments which i dont have. Other monthly subscription services like Spotify dont require this through Paypal.Otherwise I would like to join.


You don’t need a credit card. I’m a member on his forum and I haven’t got a credit card. I use my debit card on my paypal account.


Debit Card that has visa or mastercard no doubt. Sadly Germany makes some of the best cars in the world but debit cards are too advanced for banks to offer. My bank only offers CC or atm cards.

I guess i wait for the book