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Access Only to T400 and Deca...

Been in the forum for years… almost never post since I always come here to learn and look for good advice and know that stupid questions are not welcome here…

Age 37
180 lbs
Waist 34
Describe Body and Facial Hair: Moderately hairy chest, hairy legs and arms, normal facial hair
Describe where you carry fat: mostly in the abdominal area
Health conditions, symptoms: None right now
No drugs
Workout: mon-tu, wed off (cardio), thurs-frid, sat and sun off
Eat well (5 meals a day) creatine and protein shake

Been working out for the last 2 yrs and I’m considering doing a cycle. Only have access to T400 and Deca… (and Nolva). (T400 solution consists of propionate 25mg, cypionate 187mg and enanthate 188mg.)
Searched here and found mixed reviews about this combination… and very little info on recomended dosage and PCT. Guys at the gym are doing one ml of each per week, for 10 weeks… some with good results. Searching here I know that 2 shots per week is prefered. Whats your thoughts on this? Will appreciate any input. Dont have access to any other products, so I’m stuck with this 2. Just dont want to do any missinformed desicions.

Wrong forum sparky.