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Accepting Something from Someone You Dislike


I was in class today and me, the teacherm and a student was having a conversation. The student said he had a woman giving him money and favors but while he never said he wasnt interested in the woman he kept implying it throughout the conversation.

Me and the teacher advised him that if he wasnt interested in the oman he should leave her alone and not accept anything from her because by accepting money and gifts, he is leading her on to think that he is interested in her like she is in him.

I told him a situation like that could get ugly because if she finds out shes been used or played she might want to get a brother, uncle, etc. to come fight you or do something to you.

If it were me I wouldnt accept money or gifts from someone im not interested in because I would think that by accepting money, favors, or gifts that would imply that I am interested in her or would one day become interested in her.


well I know this is all b.s. I have a hard time believing you go to any type of class.




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I go to lift heavy ass weight class!!!


Well maybe you should start skipping that class once in a while and start going to an english class.


cool story, bro


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