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Accepted to Fireschool

I just got my letter of acceptance in the mail today and i have been accepted to fireschool which will begin in August. I have also made it through the 11 step recruitment phase which had many steps involving physical tests. Tips and information from this site has helped to get me into excellent shape and this site played large role in my success therefore i would like to thank all who post their knowledge

Congratulations man. You’ll be joining the ranks of some of the most respected men and women in the country. Good luck with it.

Fire school? Don’t let the school store jip you on your match books (har har)…


I have been interested in going into that kind of profession for a while, but haven’t actually looked into it until today. I don’t have 20/30 uncorrected vision, because I wear glasses and I’m also color blind. Shoot.

Congrats! You planning on working in NS or moving away?


Start doing your stair climbs/runs; spiderman crawls with dumbbells; sand bag deadlifts, carries, drags; pull-ups; and tire flipping and hammering now!!!

I went through a one-week fire school in Zurich back when when I was on SO duty at UN HQ-Geneva. Focus was on high-rise and large venue complexes. It was tough. Climbing stairs. Lots of 100kg sand bag drag drills with full gear… helmet, mask, respirator, and tank all the while with fire axe in hand (I was continually in trouble for dropping or leaving my axe behind!) Lots of stairs. The fire simulator was damn scary for me, more the smoke than the actual flames and heat, as it was very disorienting and blinding. Did I mention running up stairs? Well, lots of that!

Tough career; you’ve got balls.

Congrats and good luck!

giterdone wrote: Congrats! You planning on working in NS or moving away?

yea ill be eventually posted somewheres in the HRM area

So what agency if you don’t mind me asking?

Congrats buddy, just finished mine not too long ago. Wish you the best.

congrats man. thats awesome!!

I go to school in Antigonish,NS…That is all