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Acceptance Speech

While i was at the gym today i was thinking about all the pussies in my gym. If i were going to get an award for not being a pussy this is how it would go. I wanna thank first off Bill Phillips for bringing TC and Charles Poliquin into the forefront of weight lifting. Next i wanna thank Tim Patterson for starting Testosterone and bringing all the great hardcore writers to us for free. Thanks for not allowing me to be one of those guys who: works out in jeans, does curls with 10lb db’s, walks in no matter the day and benches 135 for a couple of reps, does leg presses after they work shoulders, talks on the phone during the middle of a workout, says they wanna be “cut”, does the same exercise everyday, wheres spandex shorts when they have 16inch quads, does the air hump when they bench, the hillbilly dance when they squat(ie, only moving a couple of inches), works abs for an hour to get cut(theres that word again), socializes during a workout, obsess about their bench when they dont even look as though they work out, and guys who come in and work arms everyday. Thank You for this award but it really belongs to those that have molded me into a TMAN.

I second what goldberg said!!!

there was no point to that goldberg, and managed to do nothing but sound like a fucking retard.

There was no point Mr. Critic. I was just ranting on what i saw today. have a sense of humor you poonanny.

hey, i have a sense of humor, that was just dumb though.

And thank god that the Weiders are so friggin old. They can’t last forever.

I found the article amusing and it brought a smile to my face. If that doesn’t constitute humor then I don’t know what does.

I’d like to thank cat, the other white meat, and hot chick, the other other white meat. I’d also like to pay special tribute to sexual frustration, for helping me increase the sheer intensity of my workouts.

“MB Eric: Thank ya’ll, have a ball since 1806.”