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Acceptable Food Choices?

I’m in college right now,(following massive eating) and i dont always have access to the best food choices like brown rice, lean meats, and vegetables. Are sirlion or ground(im assuming,cafeteria) burgers, home made olive oil dressing, and whole grain cereals acceptable?

Yes and no. Depends on what BF% you’re at now. The worse your food choices, the more fat you will gain - I was living proof, about a year ago. Whereas now I’m eating about the same amount of calories with better food and my body comp is continually improving…

Anyway. Theory only goes so far b/c of the “X-Factor,” but I would say you will be fine as long as you:
a)are of low bf%… around 9. Anything above 10 when you are forced to use lower-quality foods is pushing it.

b) add fiber to your carb meals. Your cafeteria should have lima beans at the salad bar… eat a quarter cup or a 1/3 cup every carb meal you eat at the cafe. Yeah, you won’t be able to get them every time, because I’m sure not all of your carb meals are at the cafeteria, but it will help.
b) Be VERY VERY careful to eat no sugar if possible. No candy! No soda! And, you might want to stay away from diet soda also, b/c I do believe some research shows it can raise insulin.
c) No pastries at the coffee shops!

I’m sure you know most of this already. I just want to warn you that I am a living testament to the need to do this program right. Every little mistake adds up.

yes i know, everything counts. I try to do the best i can in my dorm room. Im home now, xmas break so things are a bit diffrent. I came up on a tanita scale 12.5% and 12.2 on calipers. Im pretty lean though, i think those numbers are kinda high because my 6 pack is visable. So im pretty happy especially because im not cutting right now.