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Acceptable Back Extension?

My gym doesn’t have a 45 degree back extension station so I do these on the seated calf raise machine. Is my form ok? If I move forward so only knees to feet are supported would that be an acceptable way to do GHR’s? Thanks

A great clip and I appreciate this video clip! Thanks a lot!

The problem with back extensions on the calf machine like in your vid is that the range of motion is cut short. You’d be better off swapping out a different lower back exercise like good mornings. One alternative I like is holding the top position of a back extension for time, not reps, to work lower back strength-endurance. So that could be an option too.

For GHRs though, it’s not uncommon for people to use the knee pads at the pulldown station the same way you’re using the calf machine. So that should be fine.

Thanks. Will implement the GHR but scrap the back extension. Appreciate you taking time to respond.