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Accentuated eccentrics (CT's super beast program)

ok, so tonight i did the second bench workout from Coach Thib’s super beast program from about a year ago. the first move was AREG bench at 90% for 5 sets. the next was Isomiometric bench at 65% for 3 sets of 3. then the kicker!!! the next was negative singles @ 120% for a 6 second yield. i helf it for about five seconds, got half way down and freaking failed…thank God i had a strong spotter.

my question…is this normal!!! his plan calls for 5 singles…i had to stop with one. could this just be a volume issue since i’ve been training westside for over 2 years?

It could be a number a of variables; it could be that the weight your using is not the most advantages weight and/or your work capacity is minimal. CT?s super beast program is very effective In fact it is very similar to how I structure some of my athletes training programs. Although I utilize more isometrics and powermetrics in my athletes programs. It also could be your diet, maybe your eating to few carbs or not a sufficient amount of rest. Your should optimize your recover ability. I might write an article on enhancing your recover ability (it is often overlooked by most trainees and trainers) for T-mag if people are interested.
So are you interested T-people?

thanks for the quick reply boss…my work capacity is fair to par, i guess it could be better…do boxing SPP and sledge GPP once a week. diet is solid, per JB’s massive eating with about 3000-3400 cals a day. i’m really not used to heavy negatives though, so that might be the key.

Boss, when i finish the three weeks on super beast…how should i restructure?

any other ideas/suggestions?

Well that really all depends on your goals, training age and a host of other variables. If your doing the super beast program I?ll conclude that your training for strength. After you complete the written program, manipulate the variable to effectively change the stimulus. Another option is use the basic super beast template but after the exercise specific blocks add a Structural week kind of a pendulum slant, and/or you could modify the basic super beast template with a auto regulating slant in other words you take out all the sets and reps and use time to fatigue as a indicator to stop. But I digress because there are so many variables that you can manipulate to develop a difffernt variation of the original super beast template. CT did a very good job explaining to the masses how to manipulate the variables to develop super human strength. By the way stick with the super beast template, if you do you will be amassed at how strong you have get. GOOD LUCK

I don’t understand, why did you have to stop at 1? They are singles. You do 1 rep and then rest before doing the next. In other words, 1 rep is 1 set. You would do 5 sets with rest periods between them. Why did you have to stop after 1 set? Were you completely burnt out?

yeah man, i was gone…knew i didn’t have another in me and i was so perplexed that even if i dropped the weight by 6%(per DB hammer’s recommendations) or so i would have failed. the goal at this point is to be able to recover well from this type of workout and stick to the program and my brain said no more.

just finished week one…i started with the bench week first and i’m absolutely pleased with how i feel. i feel like i’m recovering well and i’m certain i’ll be stronger after my 3 week micro cycle.

btw…on an isomiometric deadlift…where do you pause? at the top or at the bottom?

It depends on where your weak points are. Do the iso at the point you get stuck at, and/or your weakest point.