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Accentuated Eccentric Program

I was thinking about starting an eccentric base program and was wondering what you guys think of this set-up.

Back Squat 8x3 Super slow Ecc. (10 secs)
Bench 8x3 Super Slow Ecc. (10 secs)
Shoulder 8x3 Press Super slow (10 secs)
Close-grip;Nose Breaker 2 Movements 5x5
Clean;Rev. Curl 2 Movements 5x5
Weigthed Back Ext;1 leg Back ext 2 Movements 5x5

A. Dips 4x8
A. Pull-ups 4x8
B. Db Chest 4x8
B. Seated Row 4x8
C. Lean Away Raise 3x10
C. Face Pull 3x10
D. Shrugs 4x8

A. Front Squat 4x8
A. Nat. Glute Raise 4x8
B. Lunges 4x8
B. Leg Curls 4x8

Speed Squat 10x2
Speed Bench 8x3
Weighted Pull-up 6x4
Rdl 6x4
Close-Grip 6x4
Shrugs 6x4

What do you guys think? Does this look like a good program? Any feedback would help. Thanks

You will get DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

I would change your routine. For example bench on one day and dips on the next day is not a good idea with DOMS.

I would think in terms of one day a muscle set gets “fried”. The next workout uses a different set of muscles.

I disagree with tall tom…i think you pretty much got it right, if you can handle that volume…

Note that you don’t really need a program like this unless you’re already pretty strong…it’s important to always remember the idea of not using a tool or method until you have to…

That is, if you are still getting stronger using more basic modalities, then you are ‘wasting’ an advanced program such as this…a time will come in your lifting career when you will need something more advanced, and if you’ve already milked it, it will not work as well for you…

that said, if you think you’re ready for this, you’ve set it up fine…

Best of luck