Acceleration 30m Mechanics

Do you seen any flaws in my acceleration mechanics? its ~30m on grass, up until the guy with the red pants.
Is my starting position correct? (4point start).


Is there a reason you go from a 4-point stance? If you start with your right arm up, and explode it forward with your left leg as you start, you might get a faster pick-up. Also, bringing your left leg in a little bit on the start might help you push off both legs together.

I’m not a coach or anything, this is just what worked for me when I wanted to bring down by 40 time.

Good luck

Here are a few things I noticed -

  1. Your front shin could be angled closer to the ground. It looks like maybe ~75%. I would try for more like 45 deg.

  2. I am not sure due to the picture quality, but your front foot might be able to get a little closer to the line (on it if possible).

  3. Your back foot is back way too far and should be closer to the back of your front foot. This will help you consume more ground on your initial step. As with number 2, you want to shorten the length of your 30M dash as much as possible.

  4. I would keep your head down a little more during your start. It also looks as if you are standing up a little too early. Your head should be down throughout the drive phase, which lasts until you are at near full speed. Its different for everyone but for me its around 15-20 meters. At that point you would stand up and fully accelerate.

  5. Your knee drive could be more powerful. Concentrate on driving your knees up to your chest out of your start. It should almost feel as if you are going to fall on your face out of the start. Your feet should be dorsiflexed (toes pulled up) as you drive them down into the ground for all you are worth.

you are leaving your hips behind you on your get off. throw your hip flexor forward on your first step( back leg ).then continue to lead with your hips. you frequency was not the problem . you had no length in your stride.

yes its a push but you can extend a lot as long as your heel is tucked. also make sure you dont cycle on your first step. keep it low recovery. but still bring your hip with it.