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Accelerating My Fat Loss?


Hey guys,
I have been leaning out over the last few months to prepare for a holiday to Mexico!
I treated this as my first serious 'cut' and have gone from 200lbs to about 189/188 now,
I based my diet on the 'ultimate cutting diet' by layne norton- basically most of my carbs have been before, during and after my workouts, then protein and fats only for the rest of the day. My macros are 225c, 250p, 55f.
I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas to finish up my cut and push my fat loss further to lean up even more in my last 2 weeks before I go!

Would lowering carbs further help?
Or upping my cardio?
I'm currently training 4 days a week and doing 40mins low intensity cardio 3-4x per week?
Just looking for ideas of what you would do in my situation!?!
Thank you.


Fats look pretty low for a guy your weight. Personally i'd increase fats and drop carbs, with overall calories reduced if you do want to accelerate fat loss, but that depends on your current intake vs requirements.


How lean are you right now exactly?




Thanks putter, I'm thinking on lowering my carbs...

Rattlehead I haven't had my body fat done since starting cutting but I have good definition in my upper body and back, my abs & obliques are pretty visable, Although I still have a small layer of fat over them, my GUESS would be between 10-12%
Sorry I don't have any pics currently.
I guess im just looking for tips to speed things up in the last few weeks I have left,
Wether it be to cut carbs or up my cardio!


If you are indeed at a decent level of leanness like you guess (nearer 10%), I would give the Get Shredded Diet a go.

It would increase your fats like putter suggested as well as cut your carbs back and over all kcal.


Thanks mate I will check that out :slight_smile:


Doesn't layne's program have guidelines for how to proceed?


Well i'm certain if i had more time e.g 2-3 more months i would pretty damn lean,
I started the diet about 3 months ago and have dropped a fair bit of fat and kept strength,
Assumingly i would just continue to recalculate calorie/macro needs based on my 'new' weight, which i have been doing.

He doesnt give any other guidlines except to add in more cardio.
Just needed a bit more time i think mate so was just looking for some input on what you guys would do..
Its not like i'm going in for a contest anyway just wanted to lean up :slight_smile:


Find a hill that takes you a minute or 2 to reach the top. Run it as hard as you can. Walk/jog back down. Repeat until you vomit/feel like passing out.

You should be dreading it beforehand. Thats when you know your doing it right;)

Since your only doing low intensity right now, some good ol HIIT may be just what the doctor prescribed:P


I have been considering this...
Theres a huge hill right by house thats perfect for it.
Iv been doing LISS the whole time so i will throw some HITT 1-2x per week to rev things up :slight_smile:



P.S Your all looking shredded in your Avi's guys nice work!!


Why are you doing so much cardio? Do you like it? Cardio isn't necessary to get lean. Just diet slow and steady and reduce cals slowly each week. My experience in cutting and maintaining weight/strength has been to do it slow. I know you want to look good for your vacation, but what is more important. Maintaining size and strength or looking good? You can get to 8-7% body fat without cardio. I think once you reach that level you can mess around with carb cycling, cardio, and things like fat burners. My suggestion would be to drop 50 cals per week until your vacation and you should be able to lose a few more pounds. Make sure you keep your protein at 1.3-1.5 g per lb of bodyweight and you should retain most of your size/strength.


With the vast majority of guys, I have to disagree. 10-12% no cardio...absolutely. But not a true 7-8%. People seemed to have skewed perceptions of just how bloody lean that really is!

FWIW I have personally hit 10ish before with no cardio and also been as low as 6% whilst eating a retarded caloric deficit and still needing shit tons of cardio...just in case you thought I was a schmuck talking out his ass cuz I read a cool trendy article :confused:


Sounds like you have made good progress. Keep doing what you are doing. Small tweaks will go a long way in the end. If you think you are stalling a bit, add in a fasted walk in the morning. There is no need to pound away at cardio and possibly lose a little bit of muscle unless you are planning to compete.