Accelerated Test Clearance from Body

Has anyone come across any literature around accelerated T clearance e.g. genetic predisposition to higher esterase or glucuronidation activity?

31 y/o primary complaint zero libido, decreased energy, no morning erections etc, etc. Started on Androgel x 3 months ago with increased dosing to 10 g/day as my TT, BAT, E2 continued to drop lower than pre-TRT levels. My specialist concluded I was a gel non-absorber and started me on Test E three weeks ago @ 100mg/week.

My trough TT level just before my 3rd shot came back at 6.8 nmol/L (8.4 - 28.7 nmol/L) or 195 ng/dL – which is higher the 4.8 while I was on 10 g Androgel 1%/day. I can’t even tell I am on TRT, I have had no change in libido over the last 4 months of TRT.

I’ve read the stickies and could provide other lab results but I really wonder if my body is just processing/eliminating T it quicker than it can stick around?

Of interest, I have a relative who is on an injectable psych med (not T, but a decanoate ester) and his clearance of the medication is very unusually high (? high esterase activity). If it weren’t for the fact his nurse was giving him his injections, based on his labs they would think he wasn’t receiving his meds cuz his levels never get high enough into the ‘therapeutic range’.

Split your dose into eod injections your a hyper excreter of T and because of this you may need a bit more T also.

If I were you I would inject 50 mg every other day and see where you land. Add In hcg and estrodiol should raise from ITT estrogens

With the gels not working if this is actually th problem it could mean you have a thyroid problem

Post waking morning temperature and mid after noon temps

Hi again,
Sorry as I am in Canada and on TRT have no access to HCG and I can’t change my story and suddenly say I want kids with no lady in the picture.

Little bit of an update: my specialist will only order Total T trough levels. Being in Canada they only order minimally required labs (can’t fight the system to do more). My last trough TT was 14.4 nmol/L (range 8.4-28.7) immediately before my next shot. I’m now on 150 mg Test E weekly - will be changing to twice a week shots 75 mg Monday and Thursdays. Now Estradiol is out of range at 192 pmol/L (range <156)!! my specialist wouldn’t order the E2 test so I went to a walk-in clinic to get it. Problem is walk-in doc won’t prescribe AI. I emailed my specialist with the E2 results but haven’t heard back. Told me before that my exogenous T will suppress the E2 even though that makes no sense… E follows the T.

I’m screwed - any names of sympathetic docs who understand E2 problems in the Vancouver BC area?

Listen I’m not trying to be rude but if your educated and you fight for your health you CAN get labs…

I am also from Canada and I have a binder full of labs…

Hcg is tough but possible. I don’t know where to send you in BC but I know of a doctor here in Ontario who uses it in his protocols.

It takes work and alot of digging to find what you need!!

Keep trying or use the word I can’t but that never got anyone anywhere… You don’t want your balls I shrink up should be enough reason to get hcg

Good luck man

Your speacialist for the most part is an idiot!! Only in some case will E2 drop and that would be very individualistic…

Read the advice for new guys stickies and some others. Post all of your labs. You need thyroid labs as well as non absorption of transdermal T can indicate a thyroid problem.

Hyper excreter of T? Perhaps, but can also be hyper metabolizer. Some T losses are fT–>E2.

High E2 can also be from inadequate/compromised liver function, read that sticky!

We do see a few guys who need 300mg injected T per week to get what others get from 100mg.

I would be interested to see your Vit-D25 levels. If your kidneys are “spilling” your androgens, vit-D3 might also follow that route.