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Accelerated Muscular Development by Smitty


Thoughts? Reviews? Opinions? Pros? Cons?

I am finishing up the last few weeks of EC's Max Strength and was e-mailed this program


I'm looking for something to do next, and I am not sure what yet.

It's an Ebook, and is kind of steep in pricing ($77) but includes:
* Deadlift Fundamentals Manual
* Deadlift Fundamentals Video
* Accelerated Fat Loss Strategies
* AMD Upper Body Training Session
* AMD Upper Lower Training Session
* Premier Youtube Channel
according to the website.

Seems to have great reviews from all kinds of well known people.



All of Smitty’s stuff is worth it and I know he’s put a lot of work into this manual, don’t have the cash to invest in it right now though.


Yeah… the cost is the only downside I see so far… $77 … and I just spent like $15 on Max Strength, which was a paperback.


Great book, with a ton of science behind his principles. I would say this book, along with the other added e-books, is a must have for athletes looking to maximize their potential. (Obviously I mean athletes who have $77 lying around lol).


Surprised this thread does not have more posts, but it is 6 months old, any other reviews or opinions on AMD? I am pretty interested but I am still on the fence because of the price. I dont think it is overpriced I just dont have the cash :slight_smile: