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Accelerated Muscular Developement


I just took a look at my friends new program, Accelerated Muscular Developement, by Jim Smith of Diesel Crew. It's not a true bodybuilding program with isolation exercises, bodypart days and such, but it looks sound. Only 3 days a week of training, and it splits the training hour into main exercise, core,activation, rehab, and mobility work.
Since I have more days to train, I plan on doing Get Jacked from Thibs. His routine requires more days, but has more variety in exercises, and a nutrition program. But if I had a limited amount of time dedicated to training, AMD looks like a good choice.


I’m sure it’s great but it’s 77 dollars, regardless of how many “freebies” you get. That is a lot of money for any kind of lifting program, at least for me.