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ACC: A SuperConference?

Fall is in the air!

I know that a topic like this creates a lot of controversy and taps into some fierce loyalties…but I’m also aware that posters at “Testosterone” are usually up for some heated discussion. So here goes!

Most would agree that many Division 1 conferences are either 1) VERY strong in a particular sport (e.g. Football) and maybe not as strong in another AND/OR 2) Have strong “top tier” schools, then begin to “fizzle out” in the “lower tier” schools.

Most Sports people would also agree that the ACC is strong from top to bottom in basketball, and with the addition of Florida State (for some years now), Miami, Virginia Tech and BC…with “open discussions” occuring with Notre Dame, it stands to be strong across the Board in Football also. (Please note that the changes in the ACC seem to be almost a daily occurrence and I may not have “the” most update information).

Is the ACC standing on the verge of becoming a “SuperConference”?

My Loyalties are with the SEC and Big-12…so no bias here!

Let the discussion begin!


I guess the ACC is a lot closer to a superconference right now than any other conference.

I think if you want to get picky, the conference would probably have to excel, or have most schools above average, at all college athletics.

But at the same time, does anyone really watch any NCAA sports other than football or basketball. I’m sure there are some college world series and frozen four fans out there, but football and basketball are what most people care to argue about.

Good points, malone…

Some argue that if Football and Basketball are strong, the other Sports are brought along with them.

I don’t TOTALLY agree with that…and certainly there are some GLARING exceptions: e.g.John’s Hopkin’s LaCross, University of Utah Women’s Gymnastics,(who’s ladies were crushing other teams BEFORE Men’s Basketball and Football became strong), etc.

I’m sure there are other examples…but you get my point…

USUALLY when people are speaking of “strong” Conferences…I agree…it usually is in realtion to Men’s Football and Basketball…


Anyone have ANY idea where Notre Dame is in relation to discussions with the ACC?

As their exclusive TV contracts were getting closer to ending (which many felt would not be renewed), Conference affiliation for them was becoming almost a neccesity…


Notre Dame not getting a TV cotract renewal? I didn’t hear that.

As far as them joining the ACC, I don’t know where they stand or how serious it is. I honestly haven’t paid attenetion. It seems every couple years(probably falls in line with the contract years), ND is being rumored to join a conference. It seems not too long ago they were rumored to join the Big Ten.

Sorry, I guess I don’t know where they stand.

I don’t think the ACC is going to add any more schools. Notre Dame was given the opportunity to join originally, but decided to remain independent. They make a lot of money being an independent… i.e. TV contracts.

However, if you could find the numbers (W/L), I think you would find that ACC football has been able to hold its own against the “football power” conferences for quite some time. Well OK maybe several years…

The TV contract non-renewals talk for ND is probably people just speculating because they were not winning…

I would imagine that the Networks (the latest being NBC) want to know if they can make money on the deal…not ND’s W/L record.

Agree…ACC Football “hold’s it’s own”, but just hasn’t had the national success of Basketball…


Here is my brainstorm on super conferences. The SEC and Big Twelve already have themselves set up with the ACC soon to follow. Next, Notre Dame needs to join the Big ten so they can have twelve teams and a conference championship. The PAC ten also needs to step up to the plate and add two teams. Then, let all the other schools form conferences with at least 12 teams and a conference championship game. Take all the conference champions and let them have a playoff.

Oh yeah, LSU is the shizzle-dizzle.

I think the ACC is definetely a “superconference” but so are the SEC and Big 12. I think the Big 12 will always have a chance to compete with the ACC as far as quality of teams in basketball and football, but I think the ACC will have the money edge now, and for the schools and leagues that’s largely what it’s about. I just hope CU fields a good team this year. I don’t care what it takes, drugs, strippers, orgies, whatever.

Ahhh…the National Playoff…

Still the dream of many of us!

People always argue about “the Bowls” will never give up all that money…"

I think the FIRST step to conceding a Playoff was the Bowls allowing the Championship (BCS) game to rotate.

LSU: “Coosh, Coosh,” Baby…!!!

CU: It should be intersting this year…the Coach and the team will be under a microscope, THAT’S for sure…