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AcaiBurn Extreme?


Can anyone give me some info on this?? Does it actually work or is it a load of horseshit? If its good I would like to add it to my supplements. Thanks.





Can I get an answer from a dude who aint a total d bag??


You just did, and I agree with him.






You have to be joking, bro. Just look at that fucking website. And its plastered with all these "hawt abz" faggots. GTFO.




Dude, Acai berries are the latest marketing BS. Just like my buddies and I go on and on in the gym about go Lycopine is totally anabolic, and we've been dosing everything we eat in ketchup (while wondering how many newbies are actually listening to us and adding tons of sugar and salt to their daily diets). You'll end up with a nice little antioxidant, but you ain't gonna look like Dorian.



What about if you smother it on your face and taint?

will i grow hawt abs there?