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Acai Berry Diet Scam???


If I lost as many pounds as dollars spent trying to lose weight I wouldnâ??t need another diet, ha ha, but seriously gotta shed at least 10 lbs soon, clothes donâ??t fit so what to try this time?

Acai emails keep filling my inbox, ads all over, sounds exotic, antioxidants, tasty, butâ?¦. expensive, and almost everyone online complains they couldnâ??t cancel ordersâ?¦.and thereâ??s way too much hypeâ?¦..looking for some real feedback from people who tried it, some are yakking about Nulean, say it actually works, have you looked at

www.nulean-acaiberrydiet.com anyone??

So not impressed with acai that they use Oprahâ??s name, hah, sheâ??s still major overweight, looking for user reviews.


WTF, did you copy and paste?

wrong site retard


fuck oprah!


hahaha, im giving this troll a 1 out of 10, you get 1 instead of 0 because you were smart enough to join but far, far to dumb to be even close to a good troll.

I'd crank Oprah.. but maybe thats just me, my standards arent very high..


Several of those Acai berry companies use some very dirty, underhanded tactics.

Like they ask for your credit card in order to get a free sample and then charge you some outrageous price for a monthly dose sometime after that without ever informing you that by signing up for the free dose you've also agreed to have your CC charged every month for doses of what amount to little more than crap.


fuck you too!


All those Mona Vie douche bags can blow me and fondle my balls


This happened to a friend of mine. She had $100+ charged to her within days.


well shit i'll be str8 up, i had got that acai email too and said fuck it since i've never used one of them colon cleansers... so i paid the $2.95 for shipping and canceled online as soon as i got the bottle. the canceling was quick and easy via email and i saved the confirmation incase they tried to pull a fast one on me.

To my surprise, that shit had me shiting everytime i ate and i never felt bloated. i actually felt pretty good as a matter of fact but i'd never take it as a way to cut down, i just wanted it to see how them colon cleansers work and so on. i never heard from them again and the first botttle was mine to keep. so maybe i got lucky or not but i had no issues and i thought the product wasn't bad at all for $2.95. As a metter of fact i tried to do it again but i guess they keep your name in a database cause it didn't work.

I think u just gotta stay on top of your shit when it comes to offers like that just like those freecreditreport sites...



acai are just blue berries aren't they?


not at all... in basic point its just a berry from the amazons that lately has been praised as the "wonder" or "cure all" fruit... its supposed to have a trememdous amount of healing powers ranging from energy to cancer fighter... its just a berry that u cant get in its pure form but can be bought as a supplement in tabs, powders, drinks, etc. you get my point. from what i've gathered nothing has been proven 100% but people swear by it and they even BOUGHT Opera to endorse it knowing that dumb ass house wives will do anything she says.... i still remain skeptikal about its "magical" powers... but then again its just my 2 cents on what the acai berry is and till i can by the fresh organic fruit i dont care much for it


Oprah is still fat! End of discussion.


The colon does not work that way, "cleansing" does nothing for you that a few laxatives would do. Of course you feel thinner, you are crapping out everything in you instead of having a days worth of food in digestion, and you are dehydrating yourself by about a liter of fluid.

The only way you can have a clogged colon is to have polyps, abscesses, Crohnâ??s, or bowl Necrosis.


thank god i drink lots of water and give myself a Lactated Ringers IV at work every other shift (im a firefighter) cause i drink alot too! :wink:


It blows me away that people fall for this shit. Miracle berries or giving out a credit card number for a 'free' sample.