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AC Sprain and BJJ

Whats up Combat forum,

You all may remember from the last thread I started regarding my troubles with spider guard. Anyways I have been training rather religiously 10 + hours a week not including conditioning work I do at the gym and I’ve made serious improvement.

But to cut to the chase. I sprained/maybe tore my AC joint. It wasn’t even live drilling or rolling. I wanted my partner to demonstrate how you can throw someone when you have a russian tie and the opponent just grabs your head with his free arm in a headlock. Well he screwed up (or maybe I did for letting him try) and pretty much pulled/drove my shoulder directly into the matt. There was an audible sound perhaps a pop or snap and my shoulder anatomy immediately felt disturbed. Thought it was the clavicle. But the coach didn’t think it was. ER doc took x-ray said the clavicle is in the correct position and does not look like it moved. But there is a solid size lump above where the AC joint is and I cant tell if my clavicle did shift as well as my shoulder or if the lump is swelling and it creates the illusion that looks like the clavicle and shoulder shifted. I had full ROM immediately after and even the next day. So ROM was never limited although there was certainly slight/mild pain at the end of ROM.

Anyone sprain/separate their shoulder? If So how long was your rehab before you started training? How did it affect your game? Also any input or opinion as to how serious you think my sprain is would be welcomed. Call me crazy but for some reason I value fellow grapplers opinions on recovery almost more than the doctors. I can throw up a pic for visual reference if anyone cares to see. I am honestly kind of phissed off and bit down trodden. I was putting so much effort into trying to get good. I was started to catch the higher belts in subs getting a couple purples in arm bars and kimuras/sweeps on a brown belt ( the brown belt was getting back into the sport after some time off though). My goal was to become kind of decent or competent before january which is when I start grad school and I may not be training that much for a while. Pretty much wanted to establish myself as the best white belt and be on par with the blue belts on any given day.

Throw “acromioclavicular joint test” into Youtube and see if you test positive for AC injury. IF these tests aren’t positive it’s worth considering differential diagnoses such as labral tears and subluxations/dislocations and seeking professional advice.

There are several ligaments that may potentially be involved and each of these may be partially or fully disrupted resulting in varying presentations (disability, instability, deformity, pain etc.) and differing in recovery/rehab time.

Doesn’t sound very bad by your description tho if you still have concerns a physical therapist if probably the way to go. A low grade/type 1 AC injury with ligaments intact tho sprained won’t be seen on radiograph.

Recovery time can vary between 2-8 weeks to return to activity for low grade sprains managed conservatively (without surgery). Think of it like an ankle sprain in terms of rehab.

It may be annoying to be injured but there’s still plenty you can do e.g. focus on what you can do and come back conditioned as fuck or take advantage of the mobility work inherent in the rehab and come back more mobile than before.

Thanks Khangles,

I did the search came upon this video,

For this test I am positive for tenderness and pain when you press on the joint and horizontal flexion but not much pain when I lift my arm overhead. I can grip my fingers and try and pull them apart with very slight pain but the horizontal flexion test there is definite pain.

But your certainly right on working on other aspects. I have been focusing on stretching and increasing mobility. Still trying to find a good way to push for intensce cardio. Running fast on treadmill is still a little too jarring on the shoulder so far the elliptical and similar machines are the only ones that don’t cause pain.