AC Shoulder Separation

Hi there,

AC joint should separation grade 2 over here. A little background before I start:
21 year old male
I injured my shoulder practicing backflips and chickened out the last second and landed flat on my left shoulder.
I let it rest for about 5 weeks before trying to use it again, and then re injured it again bboying (Breakdancing)

I apologize in advance, but I’m an active bboy (breakdancer) and I didn’t know where else to write this post. I’m looking for some advice on how to strengthen my shoulder without surgery (pretty sure I don’t need it since it’s only grade 2 and I can go through my day just fine, I just want to be able to actively bboy again). I like to workout as part of my training for bboying but I mainly focus on high intensity training to work on my core and stamina.

It’s been about 11 weeks now (since my first injury not my second one) and my shoulder is a lot better, I can finally do pushups and handstands with little to no pain. However, there is a clicking noise whenever I rotate my shoulder back but it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it clicks louder after I bboy or when I wake up.

The only problem is that there is still slight pain throughout my day and a bit of discomfort. When I try to do windmills, my shoulder still hurts a little so I’ve been staying away from them.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to go about recovering from this? The only pain I get are when I bring my arm around to my right side of my body (I injured my left shoulder), bench press or do pull ups. Ironically, I have less pain doing shoulder presses and handstands than bench pressing.

Are there any bboys or breakdancers out there that has also had this same injury? If there are, how did you overcome this? I was getting pretty close to an airflare prior to my injury so I am very antsy about going back to practice and throwing airflares again.