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AC Pain Again - Frig!

Here’s the deal, I recently switched from an upper/lower split routine to a body part split. Therefore, more volume per bodypart per workout. 3.5 weeks in, I just came down with pain in my right shoulder (AC joint specifically). I saw an ortho two years ago for the same symptoms. A CT revealed no issues, hence soft-tissue diagnosis.

The advice, rest and Advil until it clears up. I went from doing basically just flat presses and standing military presses to including incline DB presses, flyes, lateral raises both side and rear, seated military press.

I want to avoid going back to the ortho because it takes 3-4 weeks to even get an appt and why should I go through the hassle if it’s the same prescription again? My questions are: what is causing this and is there another alternative to the rest and Advil?

I know many of you have dealt with this same issue, so what have you done that was effective? Could it be aggravated by not stretching my biceps since I’ve gone back to an arm day instead of just pullups for biceps?


What are you doing for a warmup?

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
What are you doing for a warmup?[/quote]

I usually do a general body warmup consisting of a light Javorek complex (Romanian DL-Front Squat-OH Squat-Bent Rows-GoodMornings-Back Squats-Mil Press: all x 8 reps without putting down the bar) , some ab work and pullups. If I’m doing chest or shoulders, I will throw in 20-30 shoulder dislocates. Before legs or if I’m feeling stiff, I will foam roll for 5 mins. All-in, 5-10 minutes.