AC Joints, Recovery, and PL

Has anyone here ever dealt with impingement in the AC joints? After you started treating it, how long before you were able to Deadlift and Bench again?

How did you ease back into normal training?

I’m still planning to compete in my first PL comp in November, but here I am 8-9 weeks out and I still can’t pull or bench.

I had an AC separation.

It tookme 9 months until I could do dumbbell bench press. I still don’t use the barbell and it has been about @14 months.

I deadlift no problem but jst started do that lift after years off. I can easily do 5 x 5 with 225.

I had to give the injury time to try to heal itself but I still get moderate pain from chest exercises.

I had surgery for AC ‘arthrosis’ on August 4 of this year. I’m not sure if this is the same thing or not. With the permission of the doctor who did the surgery, I was squatting and deadlifting in two and a half weeks. No benching. I have my last followup on the 16th. I believe I’ll get the go-ahead to start benching then.

Hope this helps.

i had AC separation like JGerman did. It took me about a year to get to the point of benching. That was with pretty intense shoulder rehab to speed up the process. As for deadlifts and other pulling excercises, i dropped the weight but had no major pain.

One thing, after 3 years, i still cannot dip or do much overhead weight. (actually just got my overhead squats back up to 135lbs).

I can bench now but i still have to do a lot of warm-up or else my shoulder will lock up during the lift.

I’m definitely done with dips and overhead stuff for a while. I was able to do some floor presses on Tuesday, but I was weak, even for me.

I think the Nick Tuminello article today explains a lot about why my traps are tight.

See how I go I guess, seeing the physio again tomorrow but they are always so overly cautious.

Thanks for your replies.