AC Joint Separation Help

Hey guys, I have a AC joint seperation issue on my R shoulder. I believe it happened about 2 years ago. I have had a few physio’se look at it and none have said for sure what grade it is, but from the visible deformation of the clavical I would say its a grade 3 (2 at the very very least). My main issue isnt pain IN the AC joint itself, its pain in the R side upper trap (feels deep though, im suspect its also supraspinatus).

I have no pain with over head pressing, minor minor pain on bench, but incline BB bench kills me, end up really really sore in that upper trap area, large amount sof inflamation. As mentioned its all in the upper trap/supraspinatus area, not the ac, the pain in that area is minimal but im 99% certain the AC seperation is whats causing the muscular issues.

Has anyone else had a similar AC injury or gets pain in the upper trap area when INCLINE benching?