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AC Joint Problems

At the beggining of the summer i had a really bad ac joint sprain,I could barely open a door. I had fiziotherapy(if i spelled it right) and took a break for 2 months form working out. Then i slowly went back into it and it was allright. Unfortunately i keep injuring myslef ,not really bad but...I may not pay attetion to my posture or something minor and it swells again and hurts like **** and I can't work out for a few days and then i need to lower the weights to be cautious.

I can't really do too many chest exercises without feeling smth in my shoulder,not necesarily pain but something bothering me.
I would like to know if there are people who had such an injury and how you dealt with it and if you have any advice for me. The doctors don't really know how to help me recover...it's always"take a break and start slowly" ,but no specific information on how to get it back to full health,but if i go back in the gym and it gets swollen from a dumb reason again i'm back where I started.I used to bench 120 kg easily and now i bench only 80kg just so i won't injure it. I also have been taking Animal Flex for 3 moths ,it helped .
yesterday my shouder got swollen again because i changed the posture ,to make it harder ,while I was doing cable flyes for the upper chest, my shoulder is swollen and in pain again .