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AC Joint Pain - Pinch? Please Help

I am having a pain in my ac jointâ?¦ where the clavicle and acromion meet. I feel a gap in my shoulder where they connect â?? not sure if that is normal or not?? Also when I walk and I put my finger on top of the ac joint I feel it move.

The pain comes from when I move my shoulder, usually overhead. I feel like a pinching sensation in the jointâ?¦ Not sure what could be being pinched? Any ideas?
Also when I do door stretches my shoulder does like a pinching pop when I lean forward right there in the ac joint? Also as I type this I can feel the pinching pain in the joint.
I also feel like a bump on top of the ac joint that moves â?? really weird. The bump I feel like I can push in between the small space between the ac joint where the ligament isâ?¦. Any ideas? If I stick my finger between the small space between the clavicle and acromion and move my shoulder I feel the space become smaller when I move my shoulder in a upward motionâ?¦ is this normal??
Is this common? My shoulder does not look separated though? I am very worried because I am scheduled for surgery on my other shoulder next Wednesday and now I am having these problems with my supposbly good shoulder. Doc said that he couldnâ??t do surgery on both shoulders anyway so he wont be looking at it till the 29.

I have been icing it and taking fish oil, glucosamine and chordnortion like crazy.

Sounds like an AC Sprain from what you’ve described. Generally overhead movements won’t irritate an injured AC Joint, but a lot of times you will have other structures flared up from the injury (biceps tendon, supraspinatus, etc) that will be irritated during overhead movements. Your doctor is correct that they can’t do surgery on both shoulders at the same time. You wouldn’t be able to function for normal daily activities. Definitely something to get checked out after your first surgery.

Thanks for the reply. Is a sprain like a category Seperation 1? Should I try and limit its use?

If it just a seperation 1 or a sprain will this heal without surgery??

AC joint sprains are generally separated into 6 grades. Grade 1-3 are generally treated non-surgically. Grade 4-6 are all generally treated surgically. Can’t really say which one you have, so you should probably see an orthopedic physician and get an x-ray/evaluation done.

any ideas? has anyone experienced intense tightness underneath the armpit that goes down all the way to the palm and wrist?

I have cubital tunnel which seems to be getting worse daily as well… I am going to call up the doc tomorrow and ask to get in before my wednesday shoulder surgery because I think the problem is either spreading or being wrongly diagnosed…

Could this be caused from the neck? On an old mri cervical scan it says I have C5-C6 and C6-C7 small central disc herniations and last night I could feel a knot in the back of m neck.

Go see your doc. You definitely have given more symptoms since your first post that would lead to a possibility of added issues.

see a dr., not something to play around with. Good luck with your operation!