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AC Joint Injury. Rehab Advice?

last Friday, I was playing a rugby game. I tackled a player and ended up landing on my shoulder. It started to hurt but not to bad. After the game, It hurt my shoulder just to take my jersey off. It continued to hurt and after doing some basic research I am pretty sure it is a shoulder separation/ AC joint injury. It is extremely painful to reach across my chest and elevate my shoulder. Do you guys think that it is an AC injury and if it is, what can I do to rehab it? I don’t really want to actually go to a doctor because they probably won’t do much except for prescribing addicting painkillers. Tell me what y’all think.

Go get it checked out, sounds like one. There are different grades of separation, some require surgery, and if you do not handle it correctly you will find yourself dealing with it years down the road. Had the same thing happen from a pick up BBall game years ago that still bothers me at times.