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AC Joint and Time Off


My chiropracter/kinesiologist says I have a ligament sprain in my AC joint. It has been hurting for about 6 weeks now and I have just been trying to "baby" it-- no bench work, dips, overhead presses, etc.--and it is getting no better.

Today I went in to my doc. and he said to take at least 2 weeks completely off. he said no to even do deadlifts- waaaaa. :frowning:

Anyway, I just wanted to see what you all think.

A) Are there any lifts that would be ok for me to do w/o hindering the healing (I WILL be doing squats, good mornings, leg presses, shit like that)

B) should I be doing something to rehab it, or not because it is a ligament?

C) Do you think it would really be all that bad to do deadlifts?

Thanks for any advice!


I`m in the A/C Joint club myself, mine is separated, and has been for 20 years. I get a cortisone shot about every 10 years, and that keeps in the weight room. I would try doing some light 1 arm dumbell rows to strengthen the back of the shoulder. I think squats will irritate the sprain, because of the position of the shoulder when doing back squats, but thats up to you.


Same thing . .Eric Cressey had a wonderful heirarchy of AC friendly progressions . .neutral grip , flat DB press/ palms in/ elbos in allows me ROM without pain . .same straight arm pressdowns which activate pec minor quite well . .

Point being, find those moves that dn't hurt at all . .

Larry Scott, at his website, had a wonderful newsletter about lifters coming of age and working AROUND pian , not through it . .

I alos preface all training now with the moves in MAXIMUM MOBILITY . .and use Waterbury/ Thibadeau's constantly referred to restoratives- contrast showers, ice cup rubbed on . . etc.

I also find ARNICA gel and TRAUMEEL helpful to rub on and I use proteolytic enzymes (Papain/ Bromelain) and a good EFA like FLAMEOUT to ensure I blunt the inflammatory response . .

Keep a detailed training journal with you to joot notes about hand/ elbow position/ angle of bench/ acceptable ROM and evolve . .

All this "thoroughness" will result in new, safe routines that spark yet new growth . .you'll see

Alll the best
Mike :slightly_smiling:


You know, if my years as an athlete taught me anything, they taught me to bite the bullet and take injuries seriously. Taking time off sucks and is really hard. But for a real injury, you have to remember that you''ll be back in the game so much faster and at full strength if you treat it seriously and are conservative.


Thank you much for your replies. I decided to just take the time off and let my shoulder heal. better safe than sorry!