AC Joint and Rotator Cuff, 5 Months Out So Far

Hello, I’m basically making this post as kind of a reassurance and also just to get it off my chest.

Some quick background: Earlier this year, I got a new bench that turned out to be shit, it wouldn’t allow me to bench press with an ideal grip width (for me) and so scapula retraction could be a bit difficult to keep throughout a set sometimes.
This along with upping the weights too fast lead to me eventually getting a bit of a dull ache after I bench press.
Thinking nothing of it, I keep going, just warming up my shoulders a LOT more.
My bench would also plateau while all my other lifts went up.
It got worse and during a deload week in June I think it was, I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and decided to go to my physiotherapist.

Since then I’ve been doing physiotherapy and it has gotten a LOT better, I can do dishes, shower without any pain or discomfort.
But the ache is still there sometimes during the day, some days are worse and it’s just such a slow recovery process.
Has anyone on here been dealing with this? I’ve gotten so depressed from it, sometimes it feels like I’ll never be able to train again and it just fucks my whole day up.
But I try to remind myself that it IS actually slowly getting better.
My girlfriend is extremely supportive as well so that helps keep my mood up a bit.

I’m sorry if it’s a bit scattered, if anything is unclear, feel free to ask questions so I can clear it up.
Thanks for reading!