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Abused Bulldog: Just a grumpy SOB

Hello to my fellow over 35 lifters.I figured It was time to join up with lifters in my own age group.As it stands I'm 38 years old soon to be 39 (ugh).Im a father of two boys 10 and 11 Whom are going to send me to a early grave.I'm married to a wonderful wife who kicks my ass when I get out of line:)

Long story short Ive been back at lifting for a little over 2 years after a 5 year layoff due to several issues.Plus a few years of spotty training at the most ( from what Ive read im not the only one who's like that).Right now I'm getting fired up to hit a meet this Oct or Nov.

Not that it matters I'm drug free and compete unequipped.But that's my choice and i don't get into debate about what other people do in that regards.Anyway Im giving 5/3/1 another shot(big surprise there)Ive done a few cycles of it before with so so results.But that was due to my own mistakes namely doing it without doing the 10% training max drop(you would think a man of my age wouldn't let ego screw up stuff) and trying for rep pr's to often.But I guess you live and learn.

From what I ve read there seems to be a good group of people in the this group and I hope to get a chance to chat with you.Anyway I figured i will post my log .Feel free to post anything you might see that i might be overlooking I welcome the input from other lifters.Thanks for your time.


Monday 7 10

warm up ....Pvc roller back and legs
Super set: stand ab cruches/GM green band 3x10
light stretching

Squats :barx10
430x3 .....did not push it just did called for reps

Front squats 225x10/225x8
seated band leg curls 3 x20 green band each leg
heavy standing cruches 4 x10


With squat numbers like that, you should probably be in the Superhero forum, but you're welcome here all the same.

What are your goals for your next meet?


great to have you over here. this is a great group of people. just don't let Pete talk you into becoming a gear whore. he gets pretty lonely.


Thanks for the welcome.My main goal for my next meet is to get over a mental block ive developed on my meet squats.Past two meets ive choked with 500 on my back.Part, might have been nerves other part i found is my squat form sucks.Not to long ago I got help with that. First thing I found is that I wasnt keeping tight.Second that I havent been sitting back in the squat as much as I sould be.Third that I lack flexability in my glutes.As long I blow 500 plus out of the water I dont care if I bomb the rest of the meet.sorry if im getting long winded.But thanks for asking.


Thanks meat.Being a gear whore is out of the question. 1.My wife would kill me if I spent the$$ for good gear.2.I train alone so I have no one to help me on with it.3.And for learning the gear the closes person who could coach me is over a hour away.


Dang Meat, you think I need more friends? you gotta remember it takes like 15 of us to get together just to bench.

Welcome Bulldog. Looking forward to your log. Meat's just jealous.




Last minute family get together.Go figure on a training night.oh well Did a quick one

Military press bar x10
215x1.....( got 6 left one in tank)


I figure ill post a video of a rack pull i did a month ago before I restarted 5/3/1.I pulled this at my stall spot 2" below the knee.


lets try this again




That's a big pull. Welcome aboard.


Welcome Bulldog. I am back after a lay off as well. Trying to tighten up my form and get to a 500 (geared) bench in before I get to old to do it. I'm doing a modified westside template but really lowering the weights until my form is perfect.

Look forward to watching your progress.


I'll be following along. Nice numbers. I have much work to do :frowning:


Thanks again for the greatings.This forum is the only chance I get to chat with other lifters.Since most of the guys my age in my area dont lift if they do its for fitness. I paid for that above pull.My glute hamstring tie in hurt for a week . got to love getting older.


Thats one of things thats lights a fire under my ass.The fact that im getting older and might have a few years left .At least in powerlifting you can stick it out for a long time until injuries and wear and tear catches up with you.


Hey bulldog - nice to have another dog around!


Sorry to hear about the pulled ham, but a very nice pull otherwise. You're moving a lot of weight.


Greetings youngun. I follow an extremely complicated and scientifically validated lifting template developed by a consortium of elite atheletes, porn stars, and the US postal Service. (Not really). Be interesting to follow your training.