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Absorption Rate: Ester Volume vs T Concentration

I was wondering about the rate of absorption of similar esters regarding the testosterone it contains, intramuscular injection. Not the absorption of the ester per se, but the absorption rate of testosterone taking in consideration volume vs concentration.

I know enanthate and cypionate are absorbed in a similar rate by the body.

The preparations of injectable testosterone I can buy in my country are either 250mg/ml enanthate or 100mg/ml cypionate. The enanthate contains more mgs of testosterone per ml than the cypionate. So cypionate has more volume for a smaller concentration.

But if I inject 1 ml E vs 2.5 ml C, it makes sense to think that the body will absorb 2.5 ml of a foreign oil slower than 1 ml. Especially if they have similar absorption rates (E vs C). Am I correct to think this? So, in this line of thinking, injecting 1 ml of enanthate containing 250 mg of testosterone will make me have higher T blood levels than injecting 2.5 ml of cypionate containing the same amount of testosterone. Because there’s less foreign oil inside the muscle for it to deal with.

It would be easy to say that they would be equivalent if the volume (ml) and concentration (mg per ml) per injection were the same.

Is 250 mg of testosterone in 1 ml of testosterone enanthate absorbed at the same rate as 250 mg of testosterone in 2.5 ml of testosterone cypionate (IM)?

What do you think about this?

You want to inject the least amount of oil possible. And not for speed of absorption.

It should, but that assumes proper injection technique. If the injection results in a large bolus, then yes, it will take a little longer to fully absorb. The higher concentration is ideal, unless you are injecting frequently with dosing like 14.5mg per injection.