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Absorbtion of Andro

This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering about more effective ways of getting andro into the blood stream. I am aware of sublingual tablets and ingestibles, and there are even some nasal sprays along with Biotest’s fine line of transdermals. Each type is made specifically for its delivery system and it is discouraged to not follow the direction.

But, since the vessels in the nose are such a good place for absorbing chemicals, is it possible to absorb a powder andro or norandro substance via the nasal passages? I know that seems to be a rash question…it just seems that since the bioavailibility of ingestible andro is so low, that it would actually deliver more andro to the blodstream faster instead of having most of it get broken down by stomach acids. I am just unsure if it actually needs to be processed and if it could even be absorbed this way. Not that I would go out and blow whats in these norandro caps on my desk…this is merely a hypothetical question. Anyone out there ever tried this or know any immediate reasons not to?

Absorption is better thru the nasal cavity BUT most of the andro powder is mostly filler(not andro) and will cause inflammation. With that said,however, some experiments done by EAS showed greater absorption & blood levels of testosterone when the capsules were broken & the powder inhaled (they warned others not to do it themselves however). Being the scientist myself (from my UCBerkeley days as a biochemistry major, I tried doing it myaself,lol, and inhaled about 600 mg (from 3 capsules of Osmo’s MorStack containing 100 mg of androstenedione & 100 mg of androdiol) --didn’t really notice much difference but a red nose, lol :slight_smile: but I only did it for 3 days

Best wishes,
Jason Hun