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Absolutely Zero Motivation


Has anyone ever felt this way? I hate my job, my business on the side is failing, I have absolutely no motivation to train and I seem to meet the same girl all the time. The only thing that really changes is her name.

I just took off 4 weeks from the gym and thought the new Anaconda Protocol would be the thing to get me excited to train again. Wrong! I made it through the warm-up and just couldn't stand the thought of a grueling workout. I packed it up and went home.

In a downward spiral with everything that makes up my normal everyday life. I'm going to be 42 this September and thought of seeking out a life-extension doctor. Maybe get on some replacement therapy, jack-up my T-levels.

Maybe I'm just reaching here, but I need some motivation in some part of my life. Hate to vent but had to get this out in some fashion. So has anyone ever felt this way??


Yeah. Find some books to work on your motivation. Lack of motivation is generally from a lack of self belief. You probably feel that you can't succeed or don't think you have the right tools to, or even if you did something would go wrong. That or you don't have the right direction, in that you don't think what you're doing matters.

Find times in your life you found yourself successful. Talk to people who believe in you.

So... if this is accurate it's in your self confidence.

Remember that motivation comes and goes. I would definitely check out your test levels, and your vitamin status though. Lack of b-vitamins for me will reduce hunger literally and figuratively.

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I'm not a doctor, but I give advice all the time so you have nothing to worry about. lolz

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Stop masturbating - it ruins your workouts.

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become aware that no one can help you. For me it makes all the difference in the world


Dude, no matter what happens you have to continue training. It will always keep your self esteem at a high level.


When I have low motivation I just keep training, the fact that I trained knowing I didn't want to actually raises my motivation.


When I lack motivation, I just force myself to the gym. It's like making a child take a shower/bath. It's hard as fuck to get him or her in the bathroom, but once he's there, he won't come out.


It's called depression, i've been through it and it's the worse hell you can experience in your life.



I wouldn't go as far as to say it's depression. It sounds like you've hit a low point. I've had several of those in my life. And I, too, have had it affect my training. One of the best things to do is just stick to a routine, as far as training goes. Don't make it difficult. Starting something like the Anaconda protocol is a bit much right now. So, keep it simple and just maintain. As for finding motivation, you could always read books and such, however, it's been my experience that motivation comes when you least expect it. It could be something trivial or something so monumental, it shakes you to the core and forces you to move forward. You never know. For now, though, keep your head up and try taking some baby steps forward. Good luck.


As far as no motivation to train... get a group to train with. Perhaps a powerlifting crew... people who are serious and who you wouldn't want to let down.

Training with people makes it suck wayyy less.


Co-sign the training advice.

Just a couple weeks ago, my motivation was at an all time low. I was smoking weed almost everyday and my energy levels were shot down.

So I started to re-think shit and decided to train my ass off again. Training makes me feel better everytime.

So keep training, and you'll find your mojo soon enough.


This is a huge part of the problem. The activities that take up the most of your time are draining you.

The economy fucking sucks balls right now. The media has done a great job convincing everyone of the opposite, but it still fucking blows. I look at the numbers of both small and large business every day. Everyone is still very much struggling. So don't take the failing business personally. I don't even know what you do, and unless it is lottery or a liquor store, it is hanging by a thread.

As far as hating your job... Man we all do some days. But in today's market be fucking happy you have a job. Trust me, I didn't grow up dreaming of being a CPA, and how awesome it would be. It fell in my lap, and I like helping people. So you do it.

I know your a grown man, and just feel like shit. Which is understandable, but come on, listen to yourself. You have a job, a business, and are well off enough to get your dick wet now and again. My 22 year old buddy is dieing of testicular cancer. My other buddy's mother is a drunk, and quite literally drinking herself to death. I mean shit, your doing okay. Shit there is one kid on this board making a thread about how he is going to live out of his car until school starts again.

Look yourself in the mirror and get it all out, cry, scream, slam shit around, whatever. Get this shit out. Going to see a doctor won't hurt either.

Just whatever you do, don't keep finding reasons to look down. Find God, go on a EuroTrip, whatever. Start looking up and forward rather than down on yourself.


Effexor XR 275.


Damn. That was awesome! Thanks for that!



Quality posts, Beast and Beans.

This all I have to offer:




I think you need to change some stuff in your life. You are lulled into the same shit over and over and you are getting sick of it. Find some new hobbies..you dont have to hit the gym..try something you've never done that would offer some physical activity. Do new things and you will get some new excitement in your life.


If you don't want to do a 'grueling' workout just go in there and do whatever you feel like.

Pick whatever excercise you want, use whatever weight you want, for however many reps you want.

Take a break and hit on some gym bunnies, who cares?

Make lifting fun again.

I'm too young to give you life advice but I'd say give that a go.


try hitting her


When I feel sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead

True story