Absolutely Worst Pectoralis Ever?

Ive been training on and off for years. Ive developed and ok physique. However ive always feelt demotivated. Mostly because of how incredibly poorly shaped my pecs. Its almost like 40% of the muscle coverage is missing, the insertions just look bad and totally throws off an otherwise decent the appearance. It looks like muscle is missing middle and the upper part. What do you guys think. Is it as bad as I think or am I just being to appearance fixated? Be honest.

Absolutely Worst Tread Ever without pictures.


Have you had a qualified specialist check you for PECTUS EVACTUM?


that’s exactly what I was going to say

Sorry guys i couldn’t post a picture because of forum rules. At the moment i’m at 25-28% body fat in this pic, haven’t trained for 1.5 years.

(without chest hair.

(with chest hair)

50% of this guys pecs are missing and hes done alright.

I don’t think it’s the case that there’s anything particularly wrong with your chest, you’re just untrained.

Cleaning up your diet and lifting weights should take care of that.

Fixating on individual body parts at this point is trying to run before you can walk


Such a weird thread.

A) I think your pecs match the rest of you. You look normal, like you don’t workout or eat well. I don’t have a clue how you came to the conclusion that 40% of your pec is missing, lol. I think you have more fat on the lower portion of your pecs, because that’s where fat collects more in general. Maybe that’s where the confusion is?

B) how did you come to the conclusion that the rest of you is ‘an otherwise decent appearance?’ your pecs are just about the last thing I’d be worried about… That 40" waist would be my concern.


Absolutely worst thread ever even with pics


strong follow-up post

  1. Im at 25-28% bodyfat. Of course im out of shape. Ive lost around 10 pounds of muscle in 2 years and gained 35 pounds of fat. Im just getting back to exercising. Just demotivated at the moment.
  2. Im not talking about weight loss. That’ll take me a good 5 months to fix. Im packing about 30-35 pounds excess.
  3. My main concern is aethsetics. I never built my chest. I just want your honest opinion on that. My insertions are pretty subpar. Instead of well-spread out muscles it just looks like two slabs put. I dont think that works when trying to pick up bishes. Would like to hear from anyone with the same problem and how they overcame it if thsts possible.

The way I see it is that unless you’re either going to compete in bodybuilding or look like you might do ( at least under 15% body fat) there’s no point worrying about insertions and stuff. What difference does it make anyway? You can’t change it.

Lose a good amount of fat and gain lots of muscle everywhere and no one will worry about your chest. To summarise, don’t major in the minors as Jim Wendler says.


What the fuckity fuck?? Somebody please tell me he didn’t type that!


I wish I could but I wouldn’t want to lie to you


I want to believe there is just one kid trolling with multiple accounts. There’s too many threads like this. I wonder if Colucci checks IP addresses to see.


Ohhhhh my sides

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Don’t think you’ve ever built anything…

How bout you train and eat proper for 6 months and see where that gets?

As for…

Pretty sure it mostly comes down to confidence. Obviously material wealth and a nice body helps but confidence goes a long way. I’m 19 and even I know that sheesh.

Im serious. Why is that strange? If youre looking for one night stands or just generally being aethsetic to attract. You have to look as good as possible. It just feels bad that you’re stuck with shitty insertions. Competition is tough. Pecs are some of the first things women notice.

Anyway. People think im fucking around. I’ll drop the weight. Ill get back to you guys. I dont think it will make that much of difference. Since you can see the overall shape even with low develooment. But regardless.

Strange is not the word,The word is offended I believe would fit better… @ChickenLittle is a lady. You do know that there are women whom read these thread .



Do you walk around without a shirt all the time? If that’s the case, the first thing anyone is going to notice will probably be your gut.

Do that. Oh and look at @hugh_gilly’s post. That dude literally only has one pec.