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Absolutely No Sex Drive

I’m sorry if I’m off topic, as I’m not (currently) on T-replacement, I’m still quite young for that, but I need help with something that is absolutely ruining my life right now.

And it is, my lack of sex drive. I mean, it’s not a lack of. It’s completely gone. Wasted.

When I’m with my girl, I cannot even get the proper erection to start having sex, not because I have ED, I just can’t get horny enough. Nothing works. I’ve tried all types of supplements.

Maca, Tribulus, Butea Superba, Fenugreek, Ashwaghanda etc. etc… the only one I haven’t tried is probably Yohimbe, but I doubt it will be any different.

I’ve also never used steroids, just wanted to clear that out.

Also, my T-levels are more than “normal”, they’re on the high end.

I really don’t know what the problem is and what could it be. The only thing I could think of is the alcohol addiction I had, which is where it all started, but now it’s been almost half a year since… doesn’t make sense…

If someone can give me an advice or tell me what the possible cause could be, I would be very thankful. I’m too ashamed to go to a doctor because of this, I’m in my twenties, it’s not normal at all.

Is it all in your head??

Provide your labs.

No, no. It’s not all in my head. Yes, I’ve read about the “impotence due to anxiety” and all of that, but that’s not the thing, it’s not that I have anxiety before sex which contributes to my low sex drive, I have no sex drive 24/7, not even when looking at porn or anything. It’s literally gone, it’s like “sex” is something non-existent in my head and life, that’s my current state. And I’ve become so used to it, I sometimes think why do people even have sex at all, like I cannot even comprehend it at this point. It may sound funny to some, but being like that and trying to be in a relationship is a nightmare.

I’m not sure what the issue is, as I said, my T levels are perfect, though I’ve never tested other hormones.

Probably a good idea to see a doctor at this point, yes?

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What is your total T free T and shbg?

When i was low t i was the same way. Almost grossed out by sex at one point. Justhad no interest at all.

With normal test levels this screams mental rather than physical. Most of your sex drive, attraction to someone, and arousal are mental processes. Something isn’t working for you and you should explore your brain as well as your hormones. The worst thing that happens is you start meditating and get some clarity. There’s literally no downside to practicing mindfulness and exploring how you mentally relate to your sexual behavior.

Telling us your T levels are perfect is meaningless. Can you provide actual numbers to demonstrate what you refer to as perfect?

We need to see your labs. We see a lot of guys with high Total T and low Free T and the typical cause is elevated SHBG. I remember a fellow who had a Total T of 2000 and Free T was in the basement and SHBG was 246.

Low thyroid function has similar symptoms to low T, checking TSH, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies is how we diagnose the thyroid.

Your first mistake was going to an ordinary managed healthcare doctor (GP, endo, uro) expecting them to understand sex hormone problems. The private anti-aging and sports medicine doctors are usually the only doctors knowledge on the subject of sex hormones.

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He’s not on TRT currently. It’s just that when guys say their testosterone levels are perfect, 9/10 it’s from their GP who doesn’t understand hormones.

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Are you on any medications at all?

My total T-levels are (were about 2 months ago, but don’t think they’re any different now), 771 with the range being from 300 to 1000.

Then again, I perfectly understand that Total T is not the whole story.

What does your training look like right now? How about your sleep?

People are jumping through hoops to ignore this - you had an alcohol addiction, that coincided with the beginning of this problem, Occam’s razor anyone - how much were you drinking, and for how long? Alcohol is a depressant and can absolutely cause lasting damage to someone’s libido and overall sexual function.


yeah as above, look to alcohol abuse, probably need some kind of reset for dopamine/serotonin levels

also crank up vitamin D3 both from supplements and direct sunlight

Interesting, what’s the effect of Vit D here?

good for brain health amongst many other things, specifically protects dopaminergic neurons against neuroinflammation!

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Wow! Cool stuff, cheers :slight_smile:

Free t is the key, I’m tt=741, ft=67(35-155) due to shbg=91.
Feeling like crap, no gains, low libido, mild ed

maybe you like boy ?

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