Absolutely INSANE Response to Testosterone Cream - Looking for Advice

So recently I switched from a ‘men’s clinic’ type doctor to a very well respected endocrionologist. I think the guy had some very weird opinions; he said that enanthate is a ‘trash’ hormone, and that HCG shouldn’t be taken with TRT as they counteract eachother entirely. He put me on this cream (AndroForte 5%) to rub on my testicles. I take about 1ml and this was the mess I received:


Clearly this is off the charts and I’ll be halving my dosage. Before on 120mg enanthate a week I didn’t feel great, no libidio, no drive, overweight. Right now, the same thing. I am overweight but it’s laughable how little zest I have for anything sexual.

I did notice my progesterone is very low, I don’t know if it’s related to the cream because this is the first time I had it tested. My SHBG has always been rock bottom, but this could be due to my weight.

My endo says my only other option besides managing dosage is to do HCG monotherapy. I don’t know if this works as a TRT alternative, especially if my boys aren’t working? I never got a proper diagnosis of primary or secondary hypogonadism, just had low readings. What do you guys think? Should I ditch the cream and try HCG by itself? What dosage should I go for?

Might want to re-verify those results… labs accidentally mixing up people’s results is not unheard of.

Let me get out my magic ball to read your mind.

  • No mention of application frequency
  • Elapsed time between application and blood draw

So you are applying 50 mg of testosterone how often and when were bloods taken?

If you want to test for secondary hypo, trial the hCG monotherapy.


Want to feel better…drop the bodyfat?

The only difference between cypionate and ethanate is the half-life of the ester, the testosterone molecule is exactly the same.

The same is true for testosterone cream and almost all forms of TRT are bioidentical hormones.

Indications for the use of human chorionic gonadotropic hormone for the management of infertility in hypogonadal men

Hypogonadism among men desiring fertility preservation presents a unique challenge to physicians. Over the past decade the number of younger men with hypogonadism has increased dramatically. These men are often treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which can result in azoospermia and potentially infertility. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) therapy can help re-establish or maintain spermatogenesis in hypogonadal men.

No, I wouldn’t because HCG is almost always less effective and men usually start feeling better when transitioning from HCG to TRT.

The delivery system of the topical testosterone is far superior to any other formulation with regards to mimicing the natural circadian rhythm.

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How much are you applying? 50 mg, 100 mg? I’m not so sure scrotal application is the best but I have nothing to prove this. I know I’ll get burned for this but it seemed to make me more jumpy. It takes time and patience to dial in the cream as like any protocol.

I recently went down from 62.5mg to 50 mg of atrevis gel applied to shoulder and inner arm daily, once in the morning. Why did I reduce when most people keep saying you have to increase? Maybe I am just different but I CANNOT tolerate high doses without side effects.

Too high doses give me weird muscle spasm like feelings without actually having spasms, anxiety, chest tightness when I do aerobic exercise, sweating and a mental and physical numbness. It took 5 days for things to settle when I reduced. Supraphysical doesn’t work for me. Am I an outlier? I don’t know but depending on how much I absorb it seems I am probably mimicking natural production pretty close.

On first glance, I would suspect estrogen is way too high.

I would just lower dose a little and wait to see if anything improves.

What are your numbers like on the once daily application?

I had a peak of 560 and a free of 150 out of a maximum of 244. That was my blood test I’d middle August. However, what I thought was symptoms of too high I just found out my latest test came back with a total of 170 and a free of 50. I am super low again.

The recommendations I was given were the following: alter sites of application. I don’t do scrotal and don’t plan to right now.
I do believe I have not been massaging it in like recommended as I was feeling good and got sloppy. I wonder if inner arm biceps is a poor site?

Location recommendations? Is hair a problem? Can you actually do the shoulders? Chest? I have heard inner thigh but what about the hair?
Creams are appearing to be inconsistent and I heard atrevis was better. Application may be the key