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Absolute Strength or Relative Strength?

Which do you respect most?

Hafthor Bjornsson recently pulled 1104.52 at a BW of 425 (2.6xBW).

Cailer Woolam pulled 953 at BW of 215 (4.43xBW).

I know, I know. Conventional vs. sumo but still…

Which do you respect more?

Relative is only worth something if it is also absolutely good too. Cailer’s lift is great in both respects, and it was performed raw. Thor’s lift is the most anyone has done, so it is also really good.

If a HW PLer DLs 800, and a 198er DLs 790, I am more impressed with the latter. If a HW DLs 2.5X BW it is more impressive than a 150 lb guy hitting 3X.

While the eye catching numbers are good - I got to give it to the “little” guy. I mean 4.43xBW is crazy.

The extra effort needed to manage your weight as well as build that sort of strength is a step above.

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I know nothing about Woolam’s lift, but I am assuming it was without straps and in a PL meet? This makes his pull more impressive in some ways. But, 501 is 501.

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His were powerlifting meet numbers. Dude is built to deadlift.

Same thoughts though both are extraordinary.

Well said, the absolute level of strength is kind of a prerequisite before relative strength is even given a thought.

So, so, true. Getting stronger was soooooo much easier back when I was not at all concerned with body comp. When I dieted down to get my body fat below 20%, I lost a TON of strength. I’ve gained some of it back thanks to TRT but am nowhere near where I once was. I have mad respect for people that get very strong at a lighter weight.

Yeah man. Something to be said about being the strongest dude on the planet.

When the next big fight comes around, nobody is forking out a few grand to sit in the front row so they can catch the Bantamweights going at it before they go home.

I genuinely don’t respect either. That’s a weird word to use here.

I appreciate the competitor that does what it takes to win. And since this is strongman and sumo is rarely permitted, I suppose that makes it go to Thor

Woolam pulls close to 900 conventional too though

For sure: it’s just not the lift being discussed in the thread, as it means a smaller multiplier.

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Your point was a good one, but I can’t help but chuckle with this choice of phrasing partner.

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LOL, I saw that after writing and was like we’ll see if anyone notices that I called Cailer’s lift great, and Thor’s absolute record really good too.

Haha, that was a damn fine powerlifting > strongman move

Well it was an accident. I do powerlifting, so you nailed it though. I have thought about doing strongman though.

I have a hard time even as a PLer thinking PLing > Strongman. Strongman is just much more entertaining as a spectator.

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As a competitor too, actually.