Absolute Spot On Lat Pulldowns

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hahaha this kind of happens to me when I do cable crunches.

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BONEZ217 wrote:
Gotta work the movement, not the muscle. Dankid says so.

lmao… I just spit water all over my desk.[/quote]

Agreed, exceptionally funny post.

I’ll try to get one of the other guy that goes straight to the bench, puts on 245 (no warm up) and does 3 or 4 1/2 reps with his ass way up, bouncing it off his chest and with the right side about 2 inches higher than the left.

Talikng about the music…have you seen my other video “Nutbar on the treadmill”? Barbie girl is playing so loud my ears bled.
Here it is: Nutbar On The Treadmill! - YouTube

OMG! i never thought to take vids of some fantastic moves at my gym…thanks for the new hobby:P

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a jerk, secretly making these videos…then I think how I’d like to take a buddy to the gym for the exact purpose of showing them people like the ones I see…so I figure fuck it…I’ll film them, because buddy’s not here.

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He reminds me of one of the guys who, the first few times you see them, you wonder if they’re retarted.[/quote]

I probably make more spelling mistakes than anyone on this site and even I wouldn’t do that.