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Absolute Estrogen Control


Hey guys - not sure if this is a new idea but I'm considering what would happen with a hefty daily dose of letro - then actually supplement estrogen back into the normal ranges - might be another way to control it while on a cycle with varying dosages/compounds etc?

Idea's anyone?


So you want to crush your oestrogen, then add exogenous oestrogen to get your oestrogen back into normal range?

Retarded. Just retarded. If you have to ask why it's retarded, then you're too retarded to understand why it's retarded.

Please don't ever do this. Just control your E on cycle with a sensible AI dose like a normal person.


Hey buddy that was my first post - it was just an idea there's no need to go about calling me a retard.

Ever cycled 1400mg of test prop and try to control estrogen? Didn't fucking think so.

Some of us are willing to go into the unknown to help expand the overall knowledge and arsenal of guys looking to be huge.

I am here to learn and experiment - your post did absolutely nothing but show how big of a douche you are - please, with your mighty intelligence explain to me why this wouldn't work - then something beneficial will come out of it.


just exactly how much do you think 2.5mg of letro will reduce your estrogen levels by?

please don't say 95%



He never said it wouldn't work. He said it would be retarded which it would be.


I understand what he means tho

Take enough letro to kill natural estrogen. Then supplement with an estrogen source to have the perfect steady balance between testosterone and estrogen. In theory it may sound okay. But yes, it is retarded haha

If you want that super perfect balance, get super regular bloodwork and adjust AI dose as needed


So if i read that right, you want to find an appropriate dose for 2 drugs and not just one, you want to spend more money AND cause more un needed damage to your liver, because I'm sure taking letro at a high dose for an extended period can't be too good for you. Yeah genius idea.



Again - no explaination, no studies cited, no useful information at all - what did you contribute to this thread? Fuck all - now help me figure out if this is a valid idea, or fuck off thanks!


Where I live it costs me about 350 dollars and 4 hours of my time to attept to get this blood work - or I would do exactly that.

I think you understand what I'm getting at - the thing is I know that the perfect balance benefits to side effects dose of testosterone for me. It's 750mg - I figure this out through experimenting - but now I know it for ever.

I'd be willing to experiment a little to figure out the correct amount of estrogen in me so that from that point out I would know it!

I am tired of a constant battle trying to balance it - and then relearning everytime I put in a new compound or try a new dose etc.

You're correct it would be a new variable - but only until dialed in - then I would know how much to take - and thus NOT have to worry about it for the rest of my life. Where as trying to balance and AI on different doses on different compounds when a blood test cost me nearly 400 dollars and hours of my time and countless frustration towards doctors stating opinion as fact.

Thanks for not treating me like a 'retard' and giving at least one reason why it might be difficult. You contributed, thanks :slightly_smiling:


Do you have a better suggestion? I was under the impression letro could easily take down estrogen to sub testable levels - and from what I understand it passes through the kidneys and isn't that hard on the system.

I have been out of the game since about 2008 - so there may be new developments I'm unaware of.

Thanks for your help!


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
So if i read that right, you want to find an appropriate dose for 2 drugs and not just one, you want to spend more money AND cause more un needed damage to your liver, because I'm sure taking letro at a high dose for an extended period can't be too good for you. Yeah genius idea. [/quote

Yes - two whole drugs - however from what I understand is that even half measures of letro can bring endogenous estrogen to insignificant amounts - and btw it's excreted by the kidneys. If you wanna help great - otherwise please go away from this thread. Some of us count our hormones in grams - and for us, this is an issue.


Its called common sense fucktard you should try it


Just as I thought.



Common sense eh? Fucktard eh? Big man behind a keyboard - guess it hurts when someone tells you how fucking useless and pointless your posts are eh?


Again - nothing constructive - no information given - nothing referenced to.

An absolute waste of time, once when I was a little boy my grandfather told me if I didn't have anything constructive to say, then to keep quiet and listen. I'll stop feeding the trolls - thanks for ruining a perfectly good thread you fucking uninformed, non constructive absolute waste of time pieces of shit!

I"m sure the first guy who said he was going to take a female breast cancer drug to help his balls grow back was treated exactly the same way by close minded simple fucks.



Your welcome now fuck off you retarded illogical dumb ass piece of shit.


Please then, try it out for us and let us know how it works lmao. You really think you are some genius who is the first to think of this? I guarantee this has crossed many peoples minds briefly, and then when they actually thought it through they said to themselves, na thats retarded. So, please tell me why figuring out a dose for two compounds is going to be any better or easier than just simply adjusting an a.i. dose. Lets hear YOUR research.




at a standard dose, letro will reduce your estrogen about 60%


Buddy - that's why I came here - to get help from everyone to figure out how to try it for myself. Then a bunch of ignorant unhelpful people turned it into a pissing match.

I never said I was a genius - but what I can say is that there are two kinds of people in the world - the innovators, leaders and the experimenters - that we can thank for introducing all the drugs we now commonly use to the bodybuilding world.

Then we have the naysayers - who think that any new idea is stupid, almost like it scares them that their brain is not powerful enough to wrap their head around the concept. It makes them feel inadequate and because they don't have the common sense to sit back, stay quiet and see what happens they generally shoot their mouth off stating opinion as fact and typically contribute nothing to human kind.

How can you possibly guarentee what has gone through others minds. That in itself is an absolutely ridiculous statement.

The reason I think it would be easier to figure out a dose for two compounds is this.

EVERY cycle I do is progressive - as I'm looking for progressive results. My dosages and compounds change often three or four times during a cycle. During all these different cycles I will have more or less aromatase depending on my bodyfat, and a huge amount of other factors.

Please explain to me how to keep my E levels in optimal ranges with an AI though each and every cycle from start to finish - to me that sounds fucking impossible.

So far in my research I have had GREAT difficulty using an AI to control my estrogen - this seems to be a common issue among users of bodybuilding drugs.

What I'm hoping to accomplish is to be able to 0 out my natural estrogen with an aromatase inhibitor. I'm guessing once I figure out this dose it should be pretty close to the same every cycle. No more guessing.

Then I'd like to introduce estradiol starting with a dosage derived from knowledge I may find here, or through studies of men who have a natural aromatase deficiency. Then through bloodwork I'd like to figure out my dosage - I'm hoping at that point I can create a reference point based on bodyweight to be able to keep myself within the range I'm looking for at all times. I'm hoping once this dosage is established it could be a general guildline as a starting point. Similar to the way that people recommend other bodybuilding drugs at a certain dosage as a starting point.

Now, I'm looking to contribute something here. If you're not, please stop posting in this thread.