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Absolute Best Steroid Stack Guaranteed

The best cycle for getting jacked is as follows:

.8-1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (lower range for bulking, higher for cutting/recomp)

For maximum hypertrophy, maintain a caloric surplus of 300-600 calories per day, even on off days. One of the biggest nutrition errors is having good protein intake and surplus while training but shit diet on weekends. You are missing out on 20%+ gains. Spread your protein intake throughout atleast 4 meals a day. None of that IF bullshit for optimal gains.

Train the muscles you want to hypertrophy 2x-6x a week (muscles like biceps, side/rear delts, traps, etc can be trained much more frequently than you’d think)

Sleep 7-10 hours a night and keep emotional stress low.

Start a hypertrophy mesocycle (4-8 weeks) at or slightly above your minimum effective volume, add volume weekly until you’re nearing your maximum recoverable volume, and “overreach” for your last week of training in that meso cycle and deload to drop the fatigue, reap the rewards of overreaching (grow while you deload!), and resensitize your body to new growth. Rinse and repeat.

If you don’t maximize your training and nutrition while blasting gear, you are putting your health and longevity on the line for suboptimal results, and will have to use 2-3x as many drugs as your twin who is optimizing these things. (In some cases you can’t even supercompensate for the lack of good training and nutrition if it is super dog shit). So please, if you are going to use gear, make the most out of it, the deleterious health outcomes from gear are there irregardless of how much progress you make, so if you don’t do everything or mostly everything you can to maximize progress, you probably shouldn’t be touching gear.


Stopped reading right here as this is everything I needed to know. Thanks mate!! Gonna start at 1gram/week

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Good for you starting at the lower end! I just read your comment and I think I take the middle road starting at 4g per week!

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