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Absolute best guitarist? Drummer?

Got inspired from the “Guitarists” thread…

In my book, Satriani is damn good, but no one human being can sing to the soul with his guitar like Carlos Santana. Dude’s from another planet.

Best drummer? Neil Pert, of the band Rush, was the true freaking master, no doubt about it.

The drummer for tool is very good, awesome off beat tempo’s etc.

The best drummer is Danny Carey of Tool hands down. Other notables are Pert from Rush and Beauford of DMB.

Satriani rules, Steve Vai rules, Eric Johnson is pretty good,

More powerful contenders: John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Neal Morse

A few who can play but can’t write for crap: Michael Angelo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rusty Cooley.

King = Virgil Donatti
Other good ones: Mike Portnoy, of course Peart.

I like Danny Carey on drums too.

For guitar, I dig Kirk Hammett. Say what you want about Metallica, but they put out some great stuff back in the day.

Guitar: Peter Green, BB,Albert, and Freddy King, Gary Moore, David Gilmour and Roy Buchanan.

Best new Band: The Mars Volta

Hmmmm I figured he would have been picked already but what about Jimi Hendrix?Most of the guys you have all named are probably most influenced by Hendrix…As far as drums goes im going to say Peart as well and throw and oddball into the mix just for his pure “Grit” how abut Dave Lombardo formaly of Slayer?

Vinnie Colaiuta is, by far, the best drummer that has ever lived.

Ah, I left out Paul Gilbert on guitar.

hmmm, absolute best??? i’d say it’s impossible to declare the absolute best. guitarists i like…not due to technical mastery or pure soul or anything just the fact that i don’t get tired of listening to them…chet atkins, buster jones, ry cooder, monte montgomery, and slash.

drummers…of course pert, beauford, i always liked matt sorum, but you guys left out bonham.

Guitarists: Nick Drake, Hendrix, John Frusciante.

Drummers: Dave Grohl.

Spinal Tap.

amps to 11

and their drummers light it up!

-Robert Johnson,
-Jimmy Paige,
-Jimi Hendrix,
-Eddie VanHalen,
-Eric Clapton,
-Stone Gossard,
-John Fruscianti,
-Dave Matthews,
-Tim Reynolds


-John Bonham
-Kieth Moon
-Dave Grohl
-Jimmy Chamberlain (smashing pumkins)
-Danny Carey
-Beaufort from DMB
-Dean Butterworth of Ben Harper’s band “innocent criminals”

Pretty tough to mention Hendrix without mentioning Buddy Guy who was one of Hendrix’s biggest influences and is still walkin the walk today. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Steive Ray Vaughn yet either. I also agree with those who mentioned Ry Cooder and Satriani.
As for drummers, I think there are just too many good ones to mention.

Guitar- The Edge

I can’t believe that at this point noone has mentioned Stanley Jordan or Steve Morse. A rack full of effects can make almost anyone sound good. Look what it did for Mick Mars.

My dark horse pick is Dimebag from Pantera

Hey chingon, vfrex,

Have you guys ever seen Charles Atlas. That guy looked pretty good for having no fitness equipment. That gives you an indication of how much muscle you can add on sheer determination.

Stanley Jordan is awesome.

guitar:jimi, stevie ray vaughan, eric clapton, joe satriani, eddie van halen, the guitarist for fugazi is pretty badass
drums: john bonham, neil pert, dave grohl[not just a trendy pick, the guy can really play]
there are so many really talented musicians out there, those are just a few that came to mind