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Absinthe Gothica


After 5 shots mixed with Monster Energy, I swear I heard the devil laughing and felt the room shake (Imagine the Laugh you'd hear if you burned aBible) then I fell on the ground in the middle of a Patrone ong game

dudes let me explain what I saw, I clearly remember it

I was in the middle of a forest, then a bear came outta nowhere and started talking to me, but the bear was a chick and it was flirting with me- I was drunk-so i assumed it was a hairy fat chick- anyway, I'm makin out with this bear in a forest, then all of a sudden the fuckin bear's bf comes in with a bunch of keys, and he opened my head....

I dont want to make a wall of text here so i'll definitely share the rest with y'all if you want after u read the beginning - I wrote this shit down..well documented- it gets way more intense


Um what?


Please continue



grabs the popcorn


ahhahahahahah..Continue !!@@!!!!!


fuck me... i have to get drunk more often.
please share the rest of the story :)))


ya i think we all want to hear more


gooo oonnnnnn


Posting to read more later. This sounds intense!


In before it gets intense..


this better not be a fucking let down


I'm all ears - just as long as your tale doesn't involve the undead or the use of stillborn and monkeys in the media.
Trevor Bower was probably out of his head on Absinthe when he started that thread. Either that or he is indulging in a spot of interior design with his own crap in some asylum cell. Hopefully his interwebz priviledges have been removed with extreme prejudice...


in before wall of text


true absinthe = sheer awesomeness!! But it's generally not an intense hallucination experience, which makes me wonder....were there any other drugs involved? Or did somebody possibly spike your drink?


I'm in.


Let's drop

To further specify, my Absinthe choice was not the traditional spirit, I think everyone here knows about my thing with raves,vampires,and darkness in general, this reflects in Absinthe type

Absinthe Gothica, Highest dose of wormwood of all elixirs-being 30g per serving, its black in color and turns a blackish purple when properly served

I am, a crazy motherfucker, and I halusinate sometimes without the aid of any drugs lol, but this time I'm blaming the strenngth of my brew

let me make this clear, this is a dream, not a "trip"


maybe you should save the money you spend on booze and invest in some basic english classes.


  1. dude this is an internet forum, it is not an english class, who the hell cares about proper english here besides you? everyone else who posted on the thread cares not about the way its written, they just want a story, you stuck up motherfucker. Maybe you should invest in a get the fuck outta here class!

I have grown angry with sir StevenF, I have a party to attend this evening, I promise to restart the strory when I return. maybe 5 a.m.


dude it's ok, he's got sick abz


I have a shotgun too so fuck you.