Absence of Lueteinizing Hormone?

I have been receiving 1700 of TEST CYP and also an HCG injection once every Tuesday for 3 months an a TRT clinic. Due to Blood Pressure concerns I went to my Primary Physician and he drew some Blood work. The Lab results came in with LH flagged - it pretty much flagged at a non existent level. HAs anyone here on TRT experienced this?

Please note - The Lab Blood Work was taken at the time I normally would have my weekly injections so the results reflect my weekly “low”. I am a 50 year old male:

Testosterone - 477
Free Testosterone Calculated - 12.38 ref range 2.9-13.1 ng/dl
Sex Binding Globulin - 21.6 ref range 10–57 nmol/L
% Free testosterone 2.6 ref range 1.4-3.3
Estradiol, Serum 34
Progesterone 0.2 ref range 0.0 - 0.09
Dihydrotestosterone 276 ref range 106-719

!!! Now here is what concerns me it was flagged in RED INK

Lutenizing Hormone (LH) <0.1 LOW Ref Range 1-8 mIU/ml

So, if I’m reading this right, it is so low that it is not only not in range, but it is so low it does not even register.

Any insights?

Since your on TRT your body shut down your own testosterone production - meaning your HTPA is shut down and you do not produce LH.
LH tests while on TRT are pretty much pointless. The action of HCG, which your using, is same to that of pituitary LH.

Thanks Kingsix. I did read in the stickies that LH results after starting therapy was a dumb idea but was confused as to why until I read your kind reply. I was under the wrong impression that the HCG action would stimulate HTPA and increase LH. Now I know it is a replacement.

That being said, I often see here that low T is a symptom and not a cause. Is there anyway now to determine if my cause was a pituitary issue now that certain lab numbers post TRT are now meaningless? I guess I can see if my doc has old lab reports prior to TRT.

Thanks again.