Absalon's Training Log

Thought I’d start a training log because my bench sucks ass, and maybe some of you guys could point me in the right direction. I have been training for six years, started off with bodybuilding in my mind, but for the last year I’ve been training 5/3/1, and haven’t looked back once. But I still want to gain some more mass, so I’m trying to do some hypertrophy work also, trying out some FST-7 for the upper body just for fun, after I’m done with the strength part.

I had two breaks off from training last year, for approximately 3,5 months combined, because of mono and traveling. But I am bigger and stronger than ever right now, and next week I’m going to try to hit new PR’s in the big three, because I’m getting too many reps on the last set, especially deads and squats. The only exception is the bench :frowning:

Last weeks training went like this (5+ week):

Pushpress 65 kg * 11
Assistance work was Pendlay rows, floor press, FST-7 on a Hammer Strength row machine, and then I think I did some rotator cuff work at the end.

Deadlift 200 kg * 16
Rack pulls, good mornings and maybe something more, don’t remember.

Bench 110 kg * 10
Chins, floor press, FST-7 for both rear delts and chest

Squat 190 kg * 14
Front squat and some calves

Biceps and triceps

Here’s the deadlift

And here’s the squat:

Going to film the PR attempts, so I’ll be posting them sometime next week.