How do i get well defined, rock-hard abs?.. Should i be using the seated crunch machine and put on like 130 pounds and do like 3 sets of 25? I see alot of people doing different types of crunches, but i think that adding the pressure of that weight working against your abs will be the best exercise… i suppose the other thing i could do is layoff the beer a bit… can someone with great abs tell me what they do?? thanks


Yes, lay off the beer. The weight will give you the rock hard abs, but to get well defined, you need to lose fat.

#1) Diet #2) Diet #3) Diet and lay off the beer #4) Diet…

Weighted Swiss ball crunches and reverse crunches on Swiss ball. Call beat that full ROM. See the “evolution of ab training” article at T-mag. Oh yeah, diet comes first!

This has the appearance of a newbie. When I first discovered this e-mag, I spent an hour per day of my f’off time at work reading, starting with the earliest issue. good luck, we’ll hear from you in about a month, let us know how you progress.

I swear,when I saw Chris’s name on the replies,I knew he was just gonna say ONE word.

Eat more soy, do crunches for at least an hour a day, lots and lots of cardio, wear a trash bag under your shirt and sit in the sauna, buy an ab roller…