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Abs+ ?

I’m very curious about this supp from genuine health. The company has some strong claims, but also seems relatively realistic. I heard Dr. Berardi talk about how he takes this in a fitcast episode. Anyone take this? could you give some feedback? How much did you actually take? all thoughts and comments are appreciated as always.

Thanks kps.

I would like to know myself!

It’s CLA and thermogenic green tea extract.

the correct CLA isomers have been known to work(increase LBM while removing fat, a win win situation).

The product does not state which isomers of CLA it contains. I suggest going with Flameout, as it does contain the proven isomers, and contains your fish EFA"s (DHA and EPA).

You could either stack that with HOT-ROX to get the same effect, drink more green tea, or get a different green tea extract.

On a related note, I have read(unsupported) claims that the incorrect isomers of CLA can actually prove harmful rather than good(raising insulin resistance, for example).

The main ingredients seem to be CLA and EGCG, doesn’t sound like anything to get hyped up about.

Drink green tea and take Flameout and in theory you’d have similair results…maybe?