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Are the abdominals better trained with low reps with heavy weight added, or with high reps and no external resistance?

Search the articles on this site, it has been a long debated topic by many well known strength coaches. Here is one article in particular:

I personally combine the two worlds. I do ab workouts four times a week (many people may say this is too much, but i enjoy my results). Here is a sample:

Monday/Thursday - 4 x 25 (back to back, twice through) of low to no weight crunches, leg lifts, static exercises.

Tuesday/Friday - 4 x 12 (back to back, twice through) of heavy weighted decline cruches, dumbbell russian twists, cable crunches.

The way I see it is that neither side can come to a conclusion of which type of resistance is superior. At the same time, both methods are shown to build muscles. So until one type takes the crown, do both!