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What type of workouts do you do for ABS? how many days/reps/sets. thanks,

I do them twice a week.

4 sets of 4-5 reps changing exersizes.

Not much. Just some crunches after HIIT. BTW - if you want to do some hard core ab workout, check out Ian King’s routine. He wrote a 12 week program for it.

Anti-lock brakes? Eh, they usually do all the work for me:)

We’ve really cut down our ab training. Use to do them quite a bit (due to boxing and Ko’s MMA). But now that we’re performing O-lifts pretty regularly we don’t as much. Maybe 2-times a week.

CT’s routine (for Athletes & manhounds, er, Babehounds) once a week - 5 circuits (just started and can I say DAYUM?!), and weighted crunches on a Swiss ball every other day.

I loved Thib’s program. Before injury I was doing that once per week plus one other heavy ab day once per week.

3 days a week. 4-6 sets. 2 sets of 8-12 cable crunches on a swiss ball, 2 sets of 8-12 wood choppers, and sometimes I toss in a couple sets of Russian twists.

I go against the grain and train my abs every day. (PLEASE DON’T FLAME!)
However, I do really heavy training 2-3 times a week with weighted routines, and the rest I do very light (like 15-20 each of reverse crunches, obliques, and regular crunches).
However, I’ve been doing this since Dec 17/01 and I really only maintain this now for the mental discipline of doing the same thing every day (that’s why the light days)

Used to do them everyday back in the day…but figured out it was a waste of time. Now, I just train them 2 times per week (on my HIIT days). I usually do a circuit (similiar to CT’s ab routine, which is killer by the way)…and I do 20 reps at each station (8 stations total). And I go through the circuit twice.
Start off with 2 sets of thin tummies to warm up.

  1. Hanging Pikes
  2. Hanging Alternate crunch
  3. Bicycle
  4. Verticle Crunch
  5. Reverse Crunch on a incline bench.
  6. SWISS Ball Crunch
  7. Rope Crunch
  8. Bridges for the obliques

Heavy ab work once a week, strongman event training another day. The ab work might be heavy side bends (150-200 lbs.), maybe some russian twists too.

 Can someone please point me to an article or give me a discription of a russian twist and janda situps.  The search engine isn't working.

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Hey, Allen (Iverson), I’ve got a couple questions while you’re hear with us. Thanks, by the way:

  1. What are your thoughts on Coach Brown stepping down from the 'Sixers? Any thoughts on where he’ll be going, or the new coach in Philly?

  2. How was that hip-hop festival down in South Beach this past weekend?

Thanks for your time.

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Heavy side bends are my favorite. Heavy squats and zerchers are great for abs as well. Ask Sully26 about the “Sully crunch”

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