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I’m finally starting to see my abs for the first time in my life, and I’m noticing that I only seem to have four “boxes” plus the little area right under the center of my chest. There seems to be nothing below my naval at all. Although I still have some fat to lose, I can clearly see the tendons (or whatever they are) separating my abs into four distinct areas, but definitely NOT six. Do you all have the “full six” look, or are there others like me who can only attain a four-pack?

I’m like you DTM. I can only see four above the navel. Most people have six. I’ve seen some bodybuilders with EIGHT (including those below the navel). I thought all humans have the same skeletal muscles? Anyone care to explain?

It’ll come; just be patient. The lower abs are usually the last place you lose fat because your body needs it there the most to protect/cushion internal organs. As a general rule of thumb, I think a BF% of under 7% is need to begin to see the lower portion of the six pack.

The amount of “blocks” are totally genetic. See any bodybuilding mag. It all varies from each body. Some abs are just naturally smooth, even at a low bf. Some have the line straight through the navel, some do not. Some have an “8” pack, too. I could even depend on how well the abs, as a single muscle, is built up over workouts.

I think that what Eric said is almost certainly correct - it takes a while for people to be able to see their lower abs, and your BF needs to be damn low to do it.

However, there is also one other (albeit rare) possibility. You may have a layer of fascia covering your lower abs. If this is the case, no matter how low you get you won’t be able to see them. Boyer Coe had that problem throughout most of his career; he never had good abs, even though he was ripped to shreds and one of the top BBs in the world.