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Abs Worsen My Posture


Hi everybody,

I always had poor posture.
I have a light form of scoliosis, other people in my family have it also but they seem to stand straight while my shoulders are rounded and my stomach sticks out.

When i do only pull ups and swim it seems to be better but when i skip rope or run for ex it gets worse.

The strange thing i noticed, when i do crunches or sit ups and especially leg raises my posture gets really bad,
it looks like i have a huge stomach/ belly sticking out, a cavzman look you might say…
Does somebody experiences this also and know any corrective exercises? i want to build my abs but cant do them due to the effect on my posture


yeah training your rectus abdominis (the 6 pack muscle) can do that. What happens is you core is too rectus abdominis dominant, so the fix is to train the deeper core musculature.

That’s why pull ups improve it - pull ups train the anti-extension function of the core muscles.

So yeah. Core exercises for you. You don’t have to stop doing crunch type things, just do the core stuff as well, although if it’s really bad you might want to drop crunch movements for the time being and get the rest of your core up to snuff first.


Hi Yogi1,

thank you for your reply.

When you say core exercises, what do you mean by that? i thought sit ups, palnks etc were the best core exercises…or do you mean lower back work?


planks yes; sit ups no.

This article explains everything you need to know:

Probably the best core training article ever written, in my opinion.

Good luck!


I’ve read the article but didn’t get much wiser about what exercises to do or not.
But thank you for the advice on doing planks and not sit ups…


Day 1: Anti-Extension
Day 2: Anti-Rotation
Day 3: Hip Flexion with Neutral Spine
Day 4: Anti-Lateral Flexion
Day 1: Anti-Extension
Day 2: Anti-Rotation
Day 3: Anti-Lateral Flexion

^that’s what the article recommends. Read the article to find out what exercises fall into each category.


do the exercises in the article…


Dude its not the abs its the glutes and a anterior pelvic tilt. Fix the pelvic tilt and your posture will get better. Search article on fixing the anterior pelvic tilt